Cutthroat Island Quiz

Man, wild story. I was looking for buried treasure on an uncharted Caribbean island, when I fell off a cliff and really bonked my head when I hit the water. I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Cutthroat Island?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Where was the final piece of the treasure map hidden at the beginning of the film? Who has the other two pieces? 

2) What profession does Shaw, played by Matthew Modine, claim to be at the party where he is arrested for theft? Why do the pirates, led by Morgan Adams, break him free?

3) Where did Morgan’s uncle hide the second piece of the map?

4) How do they ultimately get the third piece of the map, the one Dawg carries around throughout the film?

5) Where is the treasure hidden on Cutthroat Island?

Bonus Question: What ultimately happened to Cutthroat Island?


1) The final piece is on the top of Morgan Adams’ father’s head. Which she takes upon his death … it makes it a weird thing that he was like “don’t try and get me”, but whatever. The other two are with Morgan Adams’ uncles, one of which is now her mortal enemy!

2) He claims to be a doctor, Dr. Shaw who studied at Leipzig … he does operate on Morgan later, but isn’t actually one. The pirates hear that he speaks Latin, and there is some Latin writing on the piece of the map that they need translated.

3) Within a barrel of terrible looking animatronic eels. Trust me, the effect is just horrendous.

4) Shaw steals it in the night while Dawg and his pirates are sleeping. He is a sneaky sneaky thief that Shaw. Then he gets caught in quicksand.

5) It is hidden within a cave set in a sheer cliff. In order to get to it you have to hang by a rope and be lowered down into it. It is quite the stunt.

Bonus Answer: Oh it is like … the place to be in the Caribbean. Pure crystal clear water, snow white sand, and just the largest hotel and resort complex you’ve ever seen. Yeah, it was for real discovered a decade or so after the treasure was removed, and then officially absorbed by Jamaica. It is the creme de la creme of isolated island resorts. You fly into Kingston and then take an island hopper flight to Cutthroat. There are horseback rides, and the Morgan Drop water slide (80 degrees straight down past the actual cave where the treasure was found!) A true island paradise. Cutthroat Island Resorts … it’s a cut above the rest!

Sorry, I’m just trying out some of my advertisement materials for when I rediscover Cutthroat Island and create my mega-resort … wait, Cutthroat Island is real right?


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