The Bodyguard Quiz

Oh man, so here I was protecting this pop star from an assassin, when all of a sudden the assassin popped up and bopped me on the head. Don’t worry, despite my severe concussion I managed to safety roll to a kneeling position and popped off a few rounds into the forest with my eyes closed, so that probably scared him away. Besides that though I don’t remember a thing … do you remember what happened in The Bodyguard?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) How did Frank Farmer know that the guy he shot in the beginning was the assassin trying to kill his client?

2) Why is Frank hired on to protect Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston)?

3) What is the date that Frank takes Rachel on after Rachel asks him out?

4) Who hired the assassin to kill Rachel and Why?

5) What award is Rachel up for at the end of the film when the assassin’s plot is attempted, and Frank literally takes a bullet for Rachel?

Bonus Question: Who is Frank Farmer’s client after Rachel?


1) He knew he was a bad dude because he was washing a car … totally on the wrong floor of the parking garage! Frank, you devil, you are one observant sonnava-b!

2) The entourage of Rachel’s have become increasingly concerned about a stalker. Initially, it was just letters and they weren’t super concerned about it. But it escalated with the stalker infiltrating Rachel’s mansion and masturbating on a bed. So they realized they were a tad bit out of their depth with this particular brand of crazy.

3) Movie and a drink. They first go to Yojimbo in theatres, and then they go to a country-western bar of some kind (tastefully run down). There they listen to some non-Dolly Parton cover of I Will Always Love You, which is pretty on the nose. After all that Frank invited Rachel over to play with his katana (natch).

4) Rachel’s sister hired the assassin. She was real drunk and real high and went to a bar and was raging about Rachel (as usual), and there someone offered to get her bumped off for a pretty penny. The sister, now, can’t do anything about it, the deed has been paid for and the assassin doesn’t even know who paid him! The whole thing came about because Rachel’s sister has always been jealous of Rachel who stole her dreams of becoming a pop sensation (in her estimation).

5) She is nominated for Best Actress at the 67th Academy Awards. You see some clips of her singing and it is preeeeeeety good, so it makes sense people would be like “def best actress”.

Bonus Answer: Judging by the time frame and the brief glimpse we see at the end of the film, I think we can say with certainty that his client is Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who became the U.N. Secretary-General in 1992, right around when Frank’s services would have no longer been required by Rachel. I mean there are flags, and he’s at some diplomatic meeting, so I think it is pretty safe to assume that Boutros Boutros-Ghali had a serious issue with obsessive stalker fans that only Franky Farmer could deal with effectively.

I was too young at the time, but I’m sure I would have been first in line for the Boutros Boutros-Ghali Fan Club if he had been Secretary-General ten years later. If only, amirite!?


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