Highlander: Endgame Quiz

Oh boy, so here’s the thing. I’m an immortal and I’m just chopping off heads and quickening and stuff all the time. Like, I quickened maybe twice last week (not to brag). Anyways, I was fighting this guy and do you know what he does, he hits me right in the head! I chopped his head off, but also sustained a severe concussion and now can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Highlander: Endgame?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Conner MacLeod’s daughter is murdered most foul. How is she killed?

2) Why does Jacon Kell want to Kill Conner MacLeod … well beyond that there can only be one?

3) What is the purpose of the Sanctuary which is run by rogue watchers?

4) How does an Immortal become immortal?

5) Why does Conner let Duncan kill him (basically forces him to)?

Bonus Question: I do love relationship questions. So how long do Kate and Duncan version 2.0 stay together?


1) She is blowed up! ‘Sploded by a telephone bomb by another super evil Highlander. There can only be one! Eventually that phrase will be meaningful.

2) He wants to kill Conner because Conner killed his pops. You see him and his pops killed Conner’s mother (like the jerks they are) because back in the day they thought Conner was performing black magic. So Conner killed him and his father … but Conner didn’t realize Jacob was an immortal.

3) Yeah, so this gets a bit confused because it is explicitly from the television series. The Watchers merely watch the Immortals and record what happens (and will report it once the game is finished), but there is a rogue group who don’t want the game to end which will keep some immortals in a state of hibernation if they don’t want to play the game.

4) It seems like you are born an Immortal, but you will die a natural death unless you die for the first time in a violent way. In the case of Kate/Faith, Duncan kills her and … wait a second are they just vampires?!

5) He has to die in order to give Duncan dem sweet stats. Duncan’s got like 170 kills and Conner has like 260, so together they got … wait, that isn’t even close to the 660 that Kell has. Well, whatever, that seems to be the point, that in order to battle Kell they need to join forces and due to the rulez this is the only way to do it.

Bonus Answer: About 18 years, but they were only in love for about 8. They adopted a child (not immortal) and gave the family thing a try. And for a while it was great, she was a famous photographer, he took over the MacLeod antiques business, they moved to the suburbs (great school district), it was swell. But you know, the itch got to them. He drank a little too much, she was never home on time, but they both decided that it was better to stay together for little Conner Jr. Once he was off to college (Columbia for Journalism, great program, but he also wants to minor in Political Science and see where that takes him) they quickly separated and then … well, not really divorced. They got married like 300 years ago, but that is obviously not really a legal thing these days, but they also didn’t really want to do the big ceremony again, especially with Conner dead. It just seemed unnecessary. So it was a quick and amicable break up. They are still friends, some people just grow apart you know?

Ahhhh right, I definitely owned that guy, chopped off my best friend’s head, and super quickened! That’s right. My quickening stats are off the charts, Dawson (who is a scout for the pro Immortal league I think) says ever since I killed my best friend my numbers are through the roof. So I’ve got that going for me.


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