The Rage: Carrie 2 Quiz

So here’s what happened. There was this super rad party at school. I didn’t really know anyone there, but it was at a sweet house, super rad. And then all of a sudden they started making fun of this girl. Really not chill, but like … margaritas, amirite? Anyways, I don’t remember what happened because I got hit in the head with a log or something. Do you remember what happened in The Rage: Carrie 2?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Lisa kill herself?

2) How do they find out that Eric, one of super cool dudes, was involved?

3) What traumatic event brings Rachel and Jesse together?

4) Why does Rachel have telekinetic powers?

5) What triggers the explosive event this time? 

Bonus Question: So, what does Jesse major in in college?


1) Well, it all has to do with this list. The super duper cool dudes in the school are earning points for sleeping with girls. And Lisa was a conquest, but one that embarrassed one of the boys. So, clearly, he blew her off and she decided life wasn’t worth living.

2) They figure out Eric and the others are involved because Lisa took a picture of him and asked Rachel to develop it. The deputy comes by to pick up the picture and the guidance counselor puts two and two together.

3) Rachel’s dog Walter gets out and wanders onto the road and is hit by a car. It is terrible and I hated every moment of the scene. And Jesse comes along and helps her bring the dog to the vet.

4) Uh-oh, guess who Rachel’s father is? That’s right, it was Carrie’s father Ralph White! Ba-ba-baaaaaaaaaaa.

5) Well, when they reveal that they taped Jesse and her having sex things get a little wild. She gets all covered in tattoos and explodes a ton of glass and everyone dies. It is nuts.

Bonus Answer: Clinical psychology duuuuuuuuuuuuh. Much like Sue Snell from the first movie, Jesse is fated to fruitlessly pursue the secrets and dangers of telekinetic powers. Searching for Ralph White, he eventually uncovers him in a hidden mansion teaching a group of superpowered teens, the offspring of other “special” people. While the world, including Jesse, hate them for being different, they continue to fight against evil on mankind’s side … wait a tick, that’s just X-men. Nevermind, he probably just finds Ralph dead and buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave the end.

Oh right, like everyone died at the party … welp, they were still sick margaritas, YOLO, 420 4 life bruh, amarite?


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