Soul Survivors Quiz

Oh man, so I got in a huge blow up with my girlfriend and was distraught and distracted on the road and wouldn’t you know it? I flipped my SUV and got into a terrible accident where I bopped my head pretty hard. Naturally I can’t remember a thing (because of ghosts, you know?). Do you remember what happened in Soul Survivors?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Cassie and Sean are young high school sweethearts saying goodbye as college begins. Why are they saying goodbye, where are they going?

2) Then they become Soul Survivors after a traumatic event. What event?

3) After having what looks to be a super fun paint fight, Cassie falls asleep and has what looks like a really fun dream. What happens in the dream?

4) Luckily Cassie meets a nice priest named Father Jude. But there is something off with Father Jude that she learns from the other father at the church?

5) In the end how does Cassie survive?

Bonus Question: How long do Cassie and Sean stay together after the tragic events of the film?


1) Well she’s going to Middleton College which I think must be in Illinois or Wisconsin somewhere. And then Sean is going to California for college, so they are doing long distance. Her creepy ex-boyfriend is also going to Harvard.

2) Well, what apparently happens is that Sean is killed in a car crash in a tragic instance of distracted driving. The other three survive, although Cassie does suffer a head injury and is put on medication to deal with that. … what actually happens in the two others die, Sean is the only one to survive without injury, and Cassie is barely holding onto her life in the hospital the entire time.

3) Oh, it is super sweet. Sean is alive, and they go have a picnic in the forest, and have sex. But uh oh! Turns out she actually had sex with Matt or something? Weird and wild stuff, spooky.

4) Well Father Jude is real nice. But he’s also dead. He died in 1981 apparently. And guess what? That is the date on the calendar in Father Jude’s room! Ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

5) Uh, that bit is unclear, but it seems like Father Jude is a spirit helping her to try and get back to the real world. Meanwhile Cassie’s friends are all about staying in the spooky death world, mostly because they are, you know … dead. In the end Cassie wishes real hard to be able to stay with Sean and awwwwwwwwwwwwwww the power of love brings her back to life even after the doctors are like “Nope, this one’s done” and a priest prays over her and stuff. Apparently the doctor is a dumb dumb because she’s totes alive.

Bonus Answer: Two years, but with a caveat. In the two years Cassie moves to California and takes a reduced course load at a nearby community college while she works on her mental health. Sean is there for her and it is a triumph of love and working through grief. But, after two years she’s ready to move on to the real world again and transfers to the University of Chicago to be closer to her parents. Early on they realize the long distance thing wasn’t going to work, so they amicably break up. Cassie dates around, sees Sean during the holidays, and eventually they find each other again after she lands a position at a large marketing firm in San Francisco which is where Sean is working at a music-based start-up. It was meant to be, they married two years later, and Cassie hasn’t had a nightmare about the crash in years. Awwwwwwwww.

I felt the need to write a more happy ending to this bummer of a film. You’re welcome.


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