Space Jam: A New Legacy Quiz

Oh man, so I got disintegrated by an algorithm and put into a server at a giant production studio … that’s wild. In a way I was murdered and am now no more real than a robot … it is an existential nightmare. I don’t remember a thing about anything in my past “life”, especially anything about this film. Do you remember what happened in Space Jam: A New Legacy?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The beginning of the film is alllllllll family drama because LeBron and his son Dom just don’t see eye-to-eye on what Dom should be doing this summer. What does LeBron want him to do, and what does he want to do?

2) The entire conflict of the film between Al-G Rhythm and LeBron is kicked off based on the sweet pitch by the algorithm for LeBron’s next big business opportunity. What is that opportunity?

3) Why is Bugs Bunny all alone in Tune World?

4) The Goon Squad is a team of monsters which are a mix of real NBA and WNBA players and animals/elements/other stuff. Where do they come from?

5) What is the “one weird trick that algorithms hate” that the Toon Squad needs to pull off in order to win the game?

Bonus Question: What was Dom’s next big game?


1) LeBron obviously wants him to be focusing on fundamentals and to go to basketball camp so he can be a professional basketball player like him. Dom though is a game dev prodigy and wants to go to the E3 Game Development Camp so he can get dem 1337 game dev skillz.

2) Al-G Rhythm wants to basically scan LeBron into the server-verse and then insert him into a bunch of WB properties like Game of Thrones and The Matrix and junk. LeBron is like “that’s dumb”. And Al-G Rhythm is like “I’m not dumb, you’re dumb, and zaps LeBron and Dom into the WB supercomputer.

3) Awwwwww poor Bugs Bunny. Years (?) ago Al-G Rhythm came to Toon World and promised all of his friends the world. They, being trusting fellows, followed him out of Toon World and into the greater server-verse leaving Bugs all alone. Bugs stayed behind, realizing it was all too good to be true, and to an extent he was right (although his friends seem to be doing okay in the other WB properties).

4) Dom made an app or something to scan people into perfect 3D renders on his phone? He had the NBA and WNBA players already because he was going to put them in his game Dom Ball. And the monsters I think he just did on his own one time.

5) The step back long 2 (hugely inefficient shot LeBron)? It is the film’s Chekov’s Secret Move as they show that it results in the entire game getting destroyed or something. Anyways, LeBron is like “I’m the only real person here, so I should be the one to kill myself forever” and Bugs was like “uh … that’s the opposite, right? I’ll sacrifice myself and then come back later because I’m a cartoon and can’t die?” And that is what happens, he does the move, glitches out, and LeBron wins the game.

Bonus Answer: Dom Ball 2. This time though he went for straight cash. Now in order to do any of the secret Toon Squad moves you have to use your DomCoins, and you can purchase more DomCoins at halftime of the game. Also the Goon Squad is available (and Chronos is broke af) for a chunk of change, and skins that give you the Toon Squad jerseys, and Al-G Rhythm can be your coach for some money as well. You can tip good players, and it all runs off of DomCoin, which is a smart contract based cryptocurrency derived from Ethereum (although Dom always retains 51% of all DomCoins). “Microtransactions are the future,” said Dom in an interview, “Also, buy DomCoin, we now accept direct Bitcoin-to-DomCoin transfers on the Dom Ball platform!” His sports betting platform, DomKings, is launching Q2 2022.

Oh man, that sounds awesome, I want to sink my entire life savings into DomCoin … awww, wait, I got murdered by Al-G Rhythm and now am no more real than the Goon Squad. Just a series of 1s and 0s in the server-verse, je pense donc je suis.


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