Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Quiz

Oh man, so here I was, back on the streetz trying to get a handle on a crime spree sweeping the city, when these three jokers pop out of a jewelry store and bop me right on the head! Needless to say I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Police Academy 6: City Under Siege?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film a crime wave has gripped the city with the Wilson Heights Gang robbing stores at will. Oh no! And during the latest robbery Captain Harris has a front row seat. Where did the Wilson Heights Gang strike this time, and where did Harris think they were going to strike?

2) After a bank robbery the officers figure out that the bad guys are being paid by someone to commit the robberies. How do they figure this out?

3) After all of their “old-fashioned police work” falls flat, a trap is devised. What is the plan?

4) Eventually the team is dismissed from the case (oh no! Won’t these people ever learn that the Police Academy recruits are the best?). Why?

5) So … who’s the bad guy and why did he do it?

Bonus Question: Again, where was Mahoney during all of this?


1) They struck a fur store. Harris thought they were going to strike the jewelry store across the street. Whoops! Boy did he look like a fool.

2) There was a witness! The assistant to the bank president (I think) overheard the perpetrators saying that they shouldn’t do something because that “isn’t what they are being paid for.”!! Oh boy this is break they needed for sure.

3) Well, there is an enormous diamond coming into town, so they decide to install their team undercover in the armored truck that is transporting it … one issue. They have Captain Harris guard it and he’s a real goober. He doesn’t see the bad guys using a laser beam to steal the diamond!! Double Whoops!

4) Well, there was a suspicion that the leak was coming from within the special Police Academy investigative group. And Harris, being the dummy that he is, searches Commandant Lassard’s office and finds stolen merchandise! Everyone, naturally, suspended pending an investigation. What fools.

5) The bad guy was always going to be the Mayor right? He was the only other person in the film! Anyways, his plan is to buy up all of the real estate along the old train line (depressing the value with the crime spree), and then to approve a new train line and sell to beaucoup bucks! It actually isn’t a bad plan, and it would have worked if not for those pesky recruits!

Bonus Answers: Back at the beach obviously … since the beach is under siege (oh no!)! Under siege by treasure hunters than is. Mahoney, on his normal patrol, ends up finding an empty treasure chest on the beach. Seeing the potential for making a bit of scratch he announces to the press that he found a bunch of gold and starts selling maps. Before he knows it though the beach is bombarded by detectorists and all kinds of other nuisances. After a bunch of hilarious hijinks (including a shark submarine), Mahoney ends up learning a valuable life lesson and cops to making the whole thing up. At that moment though an old man arrives to thank Mahoney for finding his genuine Captain Cook treasure chest he left on the beach and gives him a million dollar reward. Zoiks!

It actually sounds like a Saved by the Bell episode set in Hawaii. Mahoney does have a lot of Zach Morris energy. That one’s called Police Academy 6: City Under Siege 2: Beach Bum Bonanza.


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