Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach Quiz

Oh man, so I was supposed to go to Miami for an award ceremony for my best friend / commandant, and wouldn’t you know it? I bumped into a mafiosi and got bopped right on the head! Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Commandant Lassard is going to be forced to retire. Why?

2) Smash cut to Miami! And some bad dude robbers and … well they’re robbing! A museum specifically. What do they steal, and how do they later lose their bounty?

3) Time for some real trivia. We see the police officers participate in three sports while chilling in Miami Beach. What are they?

4) Remember the bag switcheroo? Well the diamonds aren’t just sitting out in the open. They are hidden somehow within the bag as well. How are they hidden?

5) What is the bad guy’s plan to get away, and why do the recruits decide to rescue Lassard in the end?

Bonus Question: Where do they say Mahoney was during all of this?


1) Well, the nefarious Captain Harris found out that Lassard is beyond the age of mandatory retirement for the police department. Their hands tied, the Commission decides to honor Lassard at a ceremony in Miami and then announces his retirement.

2) They steal some … Egyptian diamonds? They certainly seem like they are in the Egypt section of the museum. Good thing the bad guy has an unmistakable large gold ring so we can recognize him later. And he also has an identical bag to the Commandant. Whoops! I hope those don’t get switched up accidentally … yup they do when the bad guys comically slip on a golf ball.

3) Well first we see the gang throwing some gnarly discs, brah. They sling those frisbees for real. Second Hightower and friends smash some volleyball on the beach. They spike it right in those goobers’ faces. And finally we see Procter doing some rad water skiing. Wait … does limbo count as a sport?

4) They are hidden in two ways actually. First, they are wrapped up as if they are a gift. But that isn’t all, they are also hidden within a genuinely operational video camera! Fancy, except obviously Lassard can’t help but wander around filming everything with his new fancy camera.

5) The plan is to get a helicopter onto the roof and bounce. Classic, and also Lassard’s idea amusingly. In the end Lassard’s nephew Nick decides that Lassard actually wants them to risk his life to save him! All the while Lassard just thinks it is a game, and Harris plans to save Harris himself (and blows it).

Bonus Answer: As we saw in the beginning on Police Academy 2 Mahoney’s real calling is as a beach cop. And guess what was also happening that week in Miami? You guessed it, the National Beach Cop awards and Mahoney, being the best, was being honored as the best beach cop in the nation. What an honor! Well, during that though, he had a zany (and sexy) adventure involving a cocaine shipment from Cuba, a flamenco dancer, and a ton of hot clubbing. Naturally, he foils the shipment, smooches the girl, and all before receiving his well deserved award. But you guys didn’t want to see that right? Yeah, Lassard and the Police Academy was a lot better …

That one is called Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach 2: Beach Cop Conundrum. It is one of the first official side-quels ever made.


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