Kazaam Quiz

Oh man, so while I was in this abandoned building I fell three stories and I’m pretty sure I’m dead and this entire movie is a dream … regardless I at least have a massive concussion and can’t remember anything. Do you remember what happened in Kazaam?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Max meets the genie Kazaam in an abandoned building. Why did he go into the building?

2) Max goes to meet his long lost father Nicholas Matteo. How does he find out where he is?

3) What is Max’s father’s job and why is he in trouble?

4) What three events make Max’s father’s eeeeeeeeeevil boss suspect that Kazaam is a genie?

5) What are Max’s three wishes?

Bonus Question: How many years in prison did Max’s father get for the concert fire?


1) He was chased into the building by bullies. They were chasing him because he tricked them into thinking they were getting a sweet score at school in the form of watches and gold. He then fell like three stories and accidentally turned on Kazaam’s boombox.

2) His mother is going to marry Travis, the awesome New York City fireman. But first, she needs to get a divorce from Max’s father. And Max sees the divorce papers in the kitchen which has his father’s address.

3) His father seems to organize concerts and stuff, he can get you the best seat in the house guaranteed. He’s the party man fo sho! He’s in trouble because he’s pirating music (oh shit!!) and selling bootleg tapes for millions. To compound the issue, the tape is stolen by Max’s bullies, and they want Max to get his father to pay up.

4) First, he becomes suspicious because Kazaam (apparently trying to burn down the concert hall) sprays sparks all over the club, which are quite obviously magic. Second, Kazaam loves Nubian goat eyes, an ancient royal treat. And finally, Kazaam does Max’s second wish in Max’s father’s office, which is caught by security cameras. He’s the Sultan’s Gold!!!!

5) His first is super dumb, he wishes for a whole ton of junkfood. His second is also dumb, it is to get his father’s master tape back for use in a music piracy scheme (despite Kazaam offering to do this for him for free). And his final wish has to be to free Kazaam right? WRONG. His actual final wish was to give his father a second chance, something Kazaam couldn’t do until he became a Djinn by the powah of love! Awwwwwwww.

Bonus Answer: So here’s the thing, the manager guy was formed into a basketball and dunked into a garbage chute … so yeah, Kazaam murdered that guy. The rest of the gang might be around, but Max’s father and the gang would undoubtedly lay the entire operation at the feet of their now deceased boss (who they’ll say died in an accident trying to escape the flames). That doesn’t entirely get him off the hook though. The piracy scheme would be uncovered in the subsequent investigation, and after close scrutiny of Max’s father’s financial details they would know he was heavily involved. He would get a few years for that (negotiated down as he testifies against the larger crime organization). And then the fire, if it directly resulted in other fatalities (did anyone see Da Brat get out of the building?!) that is like 10 years assuming the building wasn’t up to code (it didn’t look like it). Let’s assume Travis the fireman didn’t waltz away from an active fire where charred corpses were being extracted from the rubble and so he’s just looking at his entire business being liquidated to pay the city fines, and a few years for the death of his boss as a result of his negligence. I think he gets six years, and is out in four, just in time to see Max get his driver’s license.

I think that’s a second chance, right? He does his time, sees his kid, bing bang boom, he’s a new man. The guy knows how to throw a party, I think he’ll be alright.


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