Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Quiz

Oh man. So there I was being a goober in a police station when all of a sudden a boatload of zombies attacked and bopped me right on the head. I don’t think I’m a zombie, but I did suffer a major concussion and now can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Claire Redfield return to Raccoon City in the beginning of the film?

2) The goober rookie police officer Leon Kennedy is being needled by his coworkers in the diner at the beginning of the film. What did he allegedly do to deserve such treatment?

3) Albert Wesker is another cop and he has a fancy (for 1998) Palm Pilot (like device) showing him stuff. Where did he get the device and for what purpose?

4) Claire, Leon, and the chief (Chief Irons) all head off to the orphanage. Why?

5) In the lab what is Neal McDonough trying to get and why?

Bonus Question: Albert Wesker has some new cool shades and is hanging with Ada Wong. Why is Albert Wesker wearing those rad shades?


1) Claire has been in communication with a man named Ben Bertolucci who is a whistleblower involved with the Umbrella Corporation. He is trying to reveal to the world that Umbrella has been poisoning Raccoon City for years and now is packing up and leaving before it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, it is too late. Shit is already out of hand!

2) He shot his partner. I think he shot him in the buttocks? If I’m recalling the story correctly. But, lucky for him I guess, his father is a bigwig with the state police and so he merely got Leon transferred to the dying precinct of Raccoon City. Leon is a goober though, he probably shouldn’t be a cop.

3) First, he learns that the city is going to be destroyed at 6AM sharp the next morning, so he has to boogie. Second, he gets a map of the mansion which leads him to the lab. The intention is to get the G-Virus from the lab and take it to Ada Wong … something something something. I don’t remember the video games very well, you only see Ada for a second in the film.

4) They all head off to the orphanage because, for no discernible reason, Umbrella decided to tell the chief of police about a super secret underground train which can be accessed from both the orphanage and the mansion. They are going to use this to escape because the chief tries to leave the city and is stopped by the military.

5) He’s also trying to get the G-virus. You see, he is told that at 6AM the city is to be destroyed and along with it his research. His entire life has been devoted to the G-virus so he goes to retrieve it. Unfortunately, he gets “killed” by Wesker in the process, but injects himself with G-virus to instead become a giant monster who then is destroyed by a rocket launcher.

Bonus Answer: If you are a big Resident Evil head and like “uh, idiot, it is because he was resurrected by the G-virus by Wong and now has sensitive eyes” or whatever, I can tell you this. WRONG … WRONG. It is actually because Ada and him are going to Miami for a little beach vacay before hooking up with the Umbrella honchos at a conference in Tampa. They think maybe they will have time for a day in Universal Studios (Albert hopes so, Ada isn’t sure they have time), but they certainly don’t want to spend the week prior in Tampa because Albert is all about the three C’s: Clubs, Crabs, and Cruising Miami Beach with his sweet new shades. He tips the shades down and is like “Hellooooo ladies” and Ada is all like “Albert you never learn”. Amirite?

I’m right. That’s the sequel to the film BTW. Resident Evil: Umbrella Corporation Research Conference 1998 – Tampa.


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