Bulletproof (1996) Quiz

Oh man. So I was undercover (because I’m a cop, did I never mention that?) and my best friend / prime suspect got a tad bit angry with me and accidentally shot me in the head! Obviously, I don’t remember a thing now. Do you remember what happened in Bulletproof (1996)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film we see Moses and Keats getting themselves in a bit of trouble? What kind of trouble and how do they get out of it?

2) A year later and on the run Moses is caught in Arizona. How was he caught?

3) The bad guys catch up to our heroes three times during the film. Where and how did they know they were there?

4) Why does Keats leave the precinct with Moses and why does he punch his boss in the face?

5) What are they looking for at James Caan’s house?

Bonus Question: Does Moses ever make it back to LA?


1) They are stealing a car out from someone’s driveway (who, it turns out, happens to be home), and they end up in a high speed chase. They get out of it by driving right up to a police precinct and pretending to ask for directions to Disneyland.

2) It was easy because he was just drunk in his car on the side of the road with his dog. He seemed intent on crossing the border to Mexico to become a bullfighter, but evidently had not made it yet.

3) First, they caught them in Arizona right as they were bringing Moses to the plane to fly him back to California. The second time they caught up to them at the weirdo cabin they were staying in in the middle of nowhere. And the final time was at the bus station, they are picked up by the bad guys themselves! They knew where they were because, whoops, it turned out Keats’ girlfriend was a baddy all along.

4) He takes Moses from the precinct because he gets a call from Caan who claims to have his girlfriend hostage (in reality, as stated, she’s a baddy). And he punches his boss in the face because Moses tells him that he remembers that he is on Caan’s payroll (in reality he misremembered the name and the boss isn’t on the payroll at all, genuinely good joke).

5) They are looking for the documents about all of Caan’s terrible drug related crimes, which he naturally keeps out in the open in his house / trusts an idiot like Moses with the ability to easily retrieve them. What a goober!

Bonus Answer: Yeah. Eventually, Keats (well after the first time they meet up in Mexico) comes a-knockin’ on his door in Mexico. Something is odd with a case he’s looking at. It seems to have all the trademarks of a Caan job, but Caan is in prison. So Keats got Moses temporary immunity from prosecution in exchange for coming back to Los Angeles to help him out. And indeed, everything about the case seems eerily similar to how Caan had set things up. They track things all across LA, meeting up with Moses’ old underworld buddies, until the big reveal: Scott Caan! Moses is obviously offended, Caan told him he was “the son he never had, and he had a son all along?! He lied to me!” In the end they get Caan and Moses gets his immunity certified as permanent. Hooray!

It’s called Still Bulletproof and is just weird since Wayans and Sandler are quite old and everyone is like “wait, why are they making a sequel to this film?”


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