After We Fell Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I was in a basic vanilla relationship with this bad boy, and he was so totally bad (but secretly good, you know?). Then he accidentally bopped me on the head during a bar fight (so sexy) and now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in After We Fell?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Where is Tessa going which she failed to mention to Hardin? Why? And where did Hardin want to go instead?

2) What book does Tessa pick up while packing that results in a pretty emotional montage?

3) Why does Tess get all mad at Hardin about the job in Seattle?

4) When Tessa goes to Seattle where does she stay?

5) Tess’s father breaks into Hardin’s house. Why? What does Hardin give him?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene we see Hardin intensely boxing when he is approached by a mysterious person. Who?


1) She is going to go to Seattle for a job (in book publishing, aren’t they all in book publishing?). Hardin wants to go to London to be with his mother instead, and obviously he is very dramatic about it.

2) The Great Gatsby. It was the book that Hardin was reading in the fraternity (or whatever that was). And then she remembers the aquarium and … yeah, that was it. The shorted montage in history.

3) Tess learns that Hardin turned down a “job offer” from Vance in Seattle. In particular “whatever job he wanted”, so Hardin had no excuse to not come to Seattle! What a goober!

4) She stays with Kimberly, the person who works at Vance Publishing and fiance of Vance himself (after the events of the second film).

5) He breaks into Hardin’s apartment because he owes someone $500. Hardin is going to help him out though, he gives him a watch his father gave him and never wears.

Bonus Answer: Oh man, it is his Uncle Tony who he hasn’t seen in over ten years! “Where have you been Tony?” “Oh, here and there kid … huh, you have good form. You ever think about using your talents for money, I know a little hustle up in Seattle which we could work for a bit.” Boxing? Seattle? Money? Hardin is in, he needed a job in Seattle anyways. But when they get there it turns out this “hustle” is an underground bare-knuckle boxing tournament. It’s a one time only, last man standing, week long brawl, winner wins a million dollars. “Tony, I mean, I can punch, but can I really punch that hard?” “The hardest Hardin, I’ve never seen anything like it, even in like … Rocky IV when Drago punched that machine and it registered like a high number indicating he punched really hard.” Well you better believe Hardin is going to enter, and we are going to do an hour long tournament style film a la The Quest. And it is even directed by JCVD (call me, we’ll discuss points on the backend). This is just a small spin-off series that takes place between the third and fourth film. It’s called After We Punch: Tournament of Brawlers.

Not going to lie, that sounds like the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Call me Netflix.


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