Meatballs Part II Quiz

Oh man, so get this. Everyone else got injured by the eeeeeevil Camp Patton and so I had to fight in the big boxing match. Naturally I got punched in the head a bunch and sustained a massive concussion. Now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Meatballs Part II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why is Flash the Bash going to Camp Sasquatch? 

2) Why is Flash recruited to the boxing team for the big fight against Camp Patton?

3) Why does the alien (yup, not joking) visit Camp Sasquatch? Where does it hide while it is here?

4) Why is Camp Sasquatch going to lose access to the lake? And how do they try and stop it from happening?

5) After a covert mission to Camp Sasquatch, Flash is captured (oh no!!) and left naked in Camp Patton. What clothing does he end up wearing to the big fight?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits sequence (which is a bizarre 35 year flash forward) what do we see happens to the camp?


1) Flash the Bash had a choice: reform school or for whatever reason Camp Sasquatch. He obviously chose Camp Sasquatch, and oh boy is he hoping he doesn’t learn an important lesson that changes his life for the better!

2) Well you see, the camp has a “boomer” already, but he needs a sparring partner, some fists to hit. And they ain’t asking Flash to box, they’re telling Flash he’s going to box. You hear? And oh boy, does Flash hope he doesn’t learn a valuable lesson in teamwork via good old fashion sport!

3) They had to come to camp, their son was signed up to go! So he’s going to put on his rain jacket and spend a month there like everyone else. The kids find him and decide the best place for him to hide is in the old decommissioned outhouses. The Meatballs sequels really get dicey quick huh?

4) The native americans who owned the water rights (and were presumably leasing them to both camps) decided to sell it exclusively to Camp Patton. Camp Patton is going to wait out Camp Sasquatch (sure to go under without lake access) and then destroy it. Camp Sasquatch tries to strike back by suggesting they are going to sell to hari krishnas instead … unless, the winner of Champ on the Lake gets the water rights to the lake.

5) For some reason the only clothing Flash can find in all of Camp Patton is in Lt. Foxglove’s room. And the only clothing Lt. Foxglove seems to have is dresses. So that’s right, Flash is wearing a dress to the big fight.

Bonus Answer: In the sequence we learn that Flash has taken over the summer camp from Coach Giddy and is married to Cheryl. But these days boxing camps just aren’t in, you know? While out contemplating the future of the camp, Flash is abducted! That’s right, the return of the aliums from Meatballs Part II. They need Flash to teach all of the aliums to fight in order to defeat the bad aliums who are totally pounding these alium dweebs! After a big montage with tons of CGI aliums, General Flash is ready to deploy the troops … but he keeps remembering something Coach Giddy told him long ago. It is always better to think with your mind, feel with your heart, and speak with your words than fight. That should be used as a last resort. And so he opens a diplomatic line with the bad aliums, and what do you know? It all seemed like a big misunderstanding! Peace is achieved, Flash gets the Alium Nobel Peace Prize (he can save the camp with the prize money!), and he returns to earth. Meatballs Part II 2: The Last Starboxer.

In an alternative universe I would love to see a direct sequel to this film. Somehow we’d end up with three different Meatballs multiverses (of madness) with Rudy and Flash and … whoever was in the fourth film, all having to work together in a Meatballs Assemble moment.


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