Men in Black II Quiz

Oh man. So I definitely saw this alien running around NYC and then some Men in Black as well … but then, I guess I didn’t because they pointed a flashy thing at me and now I can’t remember a thing. Bummer. Do you remember what happened in Men in Black II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Our bad guy, Serleena, is actually like an itty bitty plant thing. Why does she then become the supermodel-esque Lara Flynn Boyle?

2) They need K back Jack! Why?

3) K’s having a hard time remembering stuff (for some reason), so they need to de-neuralize him. We see two de-neuralizers in the film. Where are they and what is the explanation for there being multiple versions of them?

4) Hey, K’s got his memory back. One problem … he still can’t remember anything. What clues does he leave himself that leads him to remember what’s up?

5) What alien power does Rosario Dawson have, on full display as she floats off to her home planet?

Bonus Question: In the after credits scene we see Will Smith preparing to go somewhere. Where?


1) Her itty bitty ship lands in Central Park, and she (as an itty bitty plant) stumbles onto a magazine which just so happens to have an underwear ad featuring the real world Lara Flynn Boyle (presumably).

2) So Serleena has scoured the galaxy for the Light of Zartha, but has returned to Earth on a hot tip that it, in fact, never left. But all of the MIB records suggest that the light can’t possibly be one Earth. One issue, at some point if the Light of Zartha isn’t returned to Zartha it will explode and destroy whatever planet it is on! The agent in charge of getting the Light off of Earth way back when? You guessed it, K. So then need his memories to solve this cosmic mystery.

3) The first de-neuralizer is in MIB headquarters, obviously. But Serleena shows up before they can use it and they get “flushed” out of the building. Fortunately, the plans for the de-neuralizer were leaked onto the internet and so they find another (janky) version in their old friend Jack Jeeb’s pawn shop.

4) The first clue is that he has a half of a picture in his pocket of himself. When they show back up at the pizza shop they figure out that it goes in a picture frame and is pointing towards a locker key for Grand Central Station. Once there K gets two things from a race of aliens that live in the locker and worship him, a watch (which is counting down to the time in which the Light of Zartha has to be returned to its home planet) and a card for a video rental store. At the video rental store they get to watch a conspiracy video about the Light of Zartha which triggers K’s memories to completely return.

5) The only discernible power is that when she is sad it rains (not the other way around). What a quaint and faintly beautiful power.

Bonus Answer: He’s going to Zartha babyyyyyy. It is a date with the Light of Zartha herself and so he has to make himself look good (you know?). Obviously K comes in a deadpans a “you look good.” But then, when he is about to leave, he Columbos it like usual and goes “oh, one more thing … you know Zartha’s atmosphere it 100% Argon and you’ll suffocate in a matter of minutes when you get there, right?” And Will Smith is like “I mean, yeah, definitely I know that … but like, let’s say you didn’t know that, what would you do?” And so the next few minutes are spent with K “helping” J get ready for his date, complete with giant space suit and gifts befitting a Zarthan princess (but which we would think are disgusting). But guess what happens when he gets there? You guessed it! She’s also in a giant suit in an isolated chamber of Earth’s atmosphere prepared especially for him! What a goof.This isn’t a movie obviously, so it doesn’t get a name … fine it is MIB II.V: Zarthan Zingers.


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