Repo Men Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I got bopped right on the head, and now I have to get a fake brain for my head before I die. Luckily it means I’ll be in debt forever and my life will suck. Unluckily I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Repo Men?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with a repo (natch). What organ is he getting back?

2) Where did Jake and Remy meet, and how did they end up in The Union?

3) How and where do Jake and Remy find the first nest?

4) Remy has been knocked out on four occasions. Name them.

5) What is the big plan in the end to get themselves to safety?

Bonus Question: The mid-credits scene shows a fancy new product from The Union. What is it?


1) It’s a liver. If you watched the awful (awful) animated short film associated with the movie, you’ll know that the main character’s favorite organ to remove is the liver. It is nice and clean … or whatever.

2) In the fourth grade Jake beat up Remy and they were besties ever since. Even through “the war” which so far is only vaguely alluded to.

3) They are just driving past a place and Jake is scanning the area when it informs them that there was like a million people past due in a container ship (named the Noble Calm). Naturally they have to go in and get dem organs.

4) The first we see in a flashback, a concussion test he received in the military. The second was in a strip club where Jake and Remy, while on leave, were starting fights and he got hit in the head with a chair or something. And then the third we see in the film while Remy is shocking RZA to repo his mechanical heart. And then you have to wait a beat, because he doesn’t get knocked out until they end up in the slums with Remy trying to get his groove back. Uh is that a bonus I head? That’s right, he’s knocked out a fifth time later in the film, but that is after he’s already completed his memoir and thus the voiceover wouldn’t know that.

5) Well, they can’t get out of the country as it stands because they don’t have any more jammers. So the big plan is to go to headquarters, go behind the pink door, and wipe all the records at the source. No records, no repo.

Bonus Answer: Cloning baby! Smash cut to the sequel where Remy, oblivious to what is going on, is back at it repo-ing organs and taking names. But something doesn’t seem right. He seems like maybe … he has memories of a woman he’s never met? A song he’s never heard before. Digging deeper into The Union he makes the discovery teased at the end of the last film, he’s a clone (and indeed, in a shocking scene he finds his own mentally incapacitate body on a shelf in Union HQ, stashed because Jake didn’t have the heart to kill the original body of his friend). But … wait, the woman is also listed as cloned? Big reveal, she’s now the head of the Union, but … something is wrong. The Union head honcho has hijacked her body using the brain implant to effectively live forever. Lucky for him I suppose that Remy surely couldn’t kill his true love. How quaint (and convenient). Or so he thinks! Remy obvs kills him all crazy and blows up the HQ again! All before it is revealed to also have been a dream by the original Remy during a reboot and upgrade of his processes.

Ha! You were fooled again into watching a fake movie that didn’t happen! Sucker. Repo Man 2: Dreamscape. They even spoil it in the title!


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