Surviving the Game Quiz

So get this, I was a bit off my game … by which I mean homeless, when a nice guy offered me a swish gig at his hunting cabin. The next thing I know I’m in a very dangerous game and one of them knocked me on my noggin to boot! Well, needless to say I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Surviving the Game?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film our hero Ice-T tries to kill himself before he gets convinced to become a wilderness guide instead. This is instigated by two events. Name them.

2) Awwww, Ice-T doesn’t seem too keen on their plan to hunt the amnimals. But they did bring a “special guest” animal. What kind (bonus if you remember his name)?

3) The Most Dangerous Game is afoot! What are the rules of the game?

4) We got Rutger Hauer, Gary Busey, Charles Dutton, F. Murray Abraham (and his son), and John C. McGinley. They gotta die! How and in what order do they die during the hunt?

5) Well all of his hunting clients are dead and there is a seriously pissed Ice-T after him in Seattle, so time for Hauer to escape. What does he disguise himself as in order to escape?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene we are treated to a bit of a cameo. Who appears?


1) The first event is the death of Ice-T’s pooch Mingo who, for no reason runs into the street and is killed by a taxi. The second, sadly, is his good friend Frank ( a WWII veteran) dying in his sleep after a night of good eating. After burying his two best friends, Ice-T decides he might as well follow them into the grave.

2) They bring along a pig named Frank. But double-awwwwwww the pig is immediately killed and cooked to eat for dinner.

3) Well, Ice-T gets a little head start, just as long as it takes for the hunting party to have a leisurely breakfast. After that they will chase him and if he makes it to civilization he wins, and if he doesn’t … well, then he’ll either die of exposure or he’ll be killed by one of the hunters.

4) Well first off we have Gary Busey who tries to take on Ice-T bare-handed, but then gets thrown back into the burning cabin to burn to death. McGinley is second after a little heart-to-heart with Mason he decides he’s done with hunting, but that ain’t happening, so Dutton shoots him in the face. Charles Dutton is third after falling for booby trapped ATV and blowing his legs off. Fourth is F. Murray Abraham’s son who slips off of a makeshift log bridge like an idiot. F. Murray Abraham gets into a fist fight with Mason in the night and ultimately gets his neck broken during some gnarly guitar riffs. Oh wait, trick question because Rutger Hauer against all odds becomes the lone survivor of the hunt and flies away. Or at least … well let’s leave that for the last question.

5) He is disguised as a priest. I do think it is a disguise because there are a bunch of other outfits and passports and stuff, which I think suggests this isn’t the first time he’s either escaped, conned, or assumed a different identity.

Bonus Answer: Kind of trick question, it’s Ice-T! But this time he’s appearing as his character, Detective Tutuola. When they get to the burned wreckage of the cabin he’s like “Man, people are into this hunting-dudes-for-game stuff?” and Munch nods, and Ice-T responds “That’s messed up.” Soon they’re chasing Jack Mason through Seattle yelling “We’re just looking for answers!” But Jack knows that these questions aren’t ones he wants to be answering. In the end he has to come out of the shadows because of a new serial killer called Little Red Riding Hood is leaving notes for one Jack Mason that hint at his dark past as a big game target. In the end it turns out Hood is in fact Mrs. Wolfe, the wife of F. Murray Abraham! What a twist. In exchange for information Mason is let free, but not before we see some bonafide split screen techmologies.

Man, that sounds like a terrible television movie. It is called Law & Order: SVUing the Game! Oh, boy, I dig that.


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