My Boss’s Daughter Quiz

Oh jeez. So get this, I was house sitting for my boss and pining for his daughter, when all of a sudden someone hit me in the head with a shovel! Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in My Boss’s Daughter?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Tom agree to house sit for his boss?

2) How does OJ the owl escape?

3) Why does Tara Reid think Tom is gay?

4) Why does Tara Reid think Tom cheated on him?

5) Who bails Tom out of jail?

Bonus Question: At the end of the film we smash cut even further into the future and Tom gets called into his boss’s office again. Probably for that big signing he had last week he says to his friend we haven’t seen since 15 minutes into the film. Why is he actually getting called in?


1) He agrees to house sit by basically not agreeing to house sit. He actually thinks he’s going to go to a party with Tara Reid, but she actually is just getting him to agree to watch the house while she goes to the party herself. So now he is stuck house sitting like a goober all alone!

2) Well let me tell you, the saga of OJ the owl is something else. Well first, he gets all dehydrated, so Tom takes him to get a drink from the toilet (natch). But little did he know that Andy Richter dumped a bunch of cocaine in the toilet. That gave the previously depressed bird just enough vim to start squawking and flying around again, which it does, right out the door, after the pizza delivery person leaves it open. Whoops!

3) Well … you would think it was because she sees a gay magazine in the briefcase he is holding on the subway, and he does nothing to dissuade her from this notion after this. But apparently it is because her father thought it was the case for no reason whatsoever? This movie makes a lot of sense.

4) This is … well, buckle up, this is the dumbest thing ever. So Tara Reid thinks Tom cheated on her because [smash cut] he is convinced to help check a random stranger for breast cancer? And Tara Reid walks in. And … that’s it. She thinks he was grabbing someone’s breast. But there is no set up for this scene. None at all. It is crazy.

5) Andy Richter bails Tom out of jail! All because you know … nothing that happened was his fault? Classic comedy of errors amirite? This movie is atrocious.

Bonus Answer: Well his boss wants to congratulate him … kind of. Because it is because Tara Reid just told him she’s pregnant, bwah bwah bwah!!!!! Exciting stuff, but the boss seems awfully … cold about it. As Tom stares into his eyes he notices they are black as coals, dead eyes, like shark’s eyes. Pure evil, like Michael Myers. But as soon as Tom notices this effect it quickly fades away, and we are off to a raucous comedy again! The boss and his titular daughter are off to spread the news and plan a baby shower, leaving Tom in charge of the house (again). And again, things can’t help but go awry. A bus full of cheerleaders breaks down in front of the house and Tom, being polite, obviously tries to help them. But before he knows it they are in the pool, and they are all over him! Andy Richter is there, Molly Shannon is there, Michael Madsen is there (?!). It’s hilarious, natch. In the end obviously Tara Reid catches him in a compromising position (again) and it looks like they are going straight to break-ups-ville. But in the end, Andy Richter reveals that fine, he set up Tom at the behest of his father to try and ruin Tom and Reid’s relationship. What a family!

I would call it My Boss’s Granddaughter even though you only really see the titular granddaughter in the final scene in the hospital as Tom and the Boss just get right into a fight in the operating theater! I’ll say it again, what a family!


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