Reindeer Games Quiz

Oh wow, so get this. After getting out of prison I was tricked into helping a gang commit a robbery! Well, obviously the “trick” was “hitting me in the head a whole bunch” which, indeed, convinced me to help. Bad news though, I got a massive concussion and now don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Reindeer Games?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We meet our hero Rudy and his best friend Nick the day before they’re to get out of prison (and mere days before Christmas too!). What are they both in jail for?

2) Whoops, well Nick died. But you know that his prison correspondence girlfriend will be heartbroken about that. Why does she claim that she was corresponding with Nick when she’s … you know, Charlize Theron?

3) Double whoops, turns out it was all maybe a trick to get Rudy … er, I mean Nick, to help out the sadistic trucker Sinese with a job. What is the job and why do they need Rudy … er, I mean Nick, to help them out?

4) In the end Rudy … er, I mean Nick, helps them out. Throughout this series of twists (including the “reveal” that Theron is actually Sinese’s girlfriend, not his sister) Rudy … er, I mean Nick insists that there is something called the Powwow Safe that the gang just need to get their hands on. What does he claim is in it? What is actually in it?

5) Triple Whoops everyone is dead. So … what was the final twist’em’up? Who was the mastermind of the whole affair?

Bonus Question: Well looks like Rudy makes it home in time for Christmas. But uh-oh a blast from the past visits him in the mid-credits scene. Who and why?


1) Rudy is in jail for stealing cars, so he’s doing a hard five for that. Nick is in jail because he was a bouncer at a bar where his girlfriend worked and cracked someone’s head open in a fight involving her.

2) The claim is that she was treated like dirt by all her terrible boyfriends in Northern Michigan, and so she figured that if she hooked up with a guy who couldn’t do anything but get to know her for a few years prior to seeing her it might have a chance of working out better. That’s the claim anyways.

3) Nick was not only a bouncer at a bar, but he also ran security at a casino in Northern Michigan as well. This meant that he knew where all the rooms in the building were, how the security operated, and, most importantly, that the casino had minimal security on Christmas Eve in particular. They wanted all of this information in order to knock it over.

4) The Powwow Safe contains all of the money that the casino operator is skimming off the top is the claim that Rudy makes. In reality the safe contains a boatload of guns, which the casino owner then uses to kill one of the gang and shoot up the casino with.

5) Nick! Of course it is the very much not-dead Nick. He faked his death, paid off a few people, and after he recovered he left the prison to watch the plan from afar. That aforementioned bar girlfriend of his? Theron. And the whole thing (including getting in with Sinese’s gang and the fake prison correspondence) was a big set up by Theron and Nick from the beginning. How did they know Rudy would do it? Because he was in love with Theron via the letter of course! And who wouldn’t be.

Bonus Answer: His uncle (played by Alec Baldwin), the one that taught him how to steal cars and got him all in trouble. And here’s the thing, now Alec is in trouble! He’s got himself into a Gone-60-Seconds-esque jam and he needs his protege by his side to help him out. You see there is a big shipment of cars into the port of Los Angeles and his man on the inside just got sent to prison. He’s all over the police trackers, but do you know who isn’t? Rudy. He’s only really known in Michigan. It is an easy job. Get in, unlock a few gates, and then disappear. But all is not what it appears. It looks like it is all a set up and Alec is actually running drugs in cars according to the FBI who reveal they’ve been tracking Alec all along. In the end he helps Alec out, gets behind the wheel, and after a big chase scene him and Alec end up with the car, the drugs, and their lives … but what’s this? Rudy was never supposed to leave there alive, the FBI agents? Fake, actually Alec’s friends. You were always so trustworthy … bang! Big reveal, it’s Nick again! He survived the crash from the first film and is back to get Rudy out of the jam!

Wait … for real? That’s the twist in the sequel? Nick is still alive? But how? Wait … he faked his death again, this time with the help of Rudy? But that makes no sense. Oh, also the entire thing takes place during the Fourth of July, it’s called Reindeer Games: Independence Day.


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