Boys and Girls Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I’m just living my life, one meetcute at a time, when all of a sudden I meet (cute) like girl I’ve seen a bunch of times in my life! What a coincidence … anyways, the story was so mundane I basically immediately forgot everything about it. Do you remember what happened in Boys and Girls?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Our heroes meet twice prior to college. Where?

2) Speaking of meetcutes … how do Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jason Biggs meet?

3) This movie is a series of meetcutes … and nothing happens? So how am I supposed to make a quiz about it?! Anyways, what is FPJ’s major? What is Forlani’s?

4) What excuse does FPJ (oh wait … I mean Billy) give to get Forlani out of her date?

5) Where was Forlani planning on going after graduation and why? Why doesn’t she go?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene we flash forward to a big event in their lives, what is it?


1) The first time is when the total nerd-alert Freddie Prinze Jr. gets all flustered sitting next to her on a plane from New York to LA when he was 12 years old. Later, when they are both in high school Freddie’s school (where he plays the Gopher mascot) is playing her school (where she’s the homecoming queen) ad they awkwardly meet again.

2) Well, he’s trapped in his own trunk in their room, because he wanted to surprise him. Obviously he got trapped in the trunk and basically waited until FPJ showed up and free him. And what a dramatic story it was for FPJ in the end.

3) How can I make a quiz about it? Watch me. But the actual answer is that he’s a structural engineering major (and obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge). She’s a Latin major and for real … what do you do with a Latin degree?

4) MOTHER IS SICK! Sick … like the last time. You know, … it is too hard to explain, just come quick now! Mother is sick!

5) So she majored in Latin, which is all well and good, but again, what do you do with a Latin degree? Well, her plan is to go to Italy to continue studying it and then … who knows, something, something, something? She doesn’t go because she’s in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv obviously with FPJ.

Bonus Answer: It is twenty years later and they are off to take their kid to college (Berkeley, natch)! They’ve spent most of their lives in New York, Forlani is an art historian at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and FPJ has been an architect there for years. It is kind of a riff on the rom com in general in that it now takes those star crossed lovers (destined to be together in a way) and sees what life is like for them years down the line. And when FPJ and his daughter arrive in SF and find Biggs waiting, divorced and floating through life as usual, FPJ starts to wonder whether truly his outlook on love was wrong all along. He never did make his bridge, and instead has made a few small buildings and mostly rich people’s Long Island homes instead. Could he have been something more without his constraining outlook on life? Floating around in SF for a few days during his daughter’s orientation, he instead renews his outlook on life and realizes, wait a tick! Let’s move to San Francisco! Forlani’s in, and the rom com lives!

It is called Men & Women obviously and people call it a “tour de force of ennui!” Which is precisely what I want in my comedies.


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