Don’t Worry Darling Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I live in a simulation which I’ve also forced my wife into. Well, she figured it out and got real mad and bopped me right on the head! I’m bleeding profusely. I think I have brain damage. Do you remember what happened in Don’t Worry Darling?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) A big plot point in the film is that another woman living in this creepy neo-Stepford is going a bit cuckoo. What does she claim happened to her?

2) And uh-oh, our heroine Pugh is also going a bit crazy. What does she see in the desert that leads her to HQ?

3) At the big dinner party scene there is one clinching piece of information that Pugh reveals to her friends which suggests they are all living in a simulation. What is that piece of information?

4) Before escaping, Pugh tries to get her friend Olivia Wilde to come with her, but Wilde refuses. Why?

5) Outside in the real world it is shown that Pugh is trapped by her husband in the simulation. What is Pugh’s job in the real world?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene we see Pugh wake up next to her husband. From the darkness a voice is heard. Who is it?


1) She claims that she saw something out in the desert that she couldn’t resist. So she went wandering, and after that couldn’t quite remember. But she had a child before, and now claims that child was taken from her as punishment for her indiscretion. Everyone else is pretty much convinced that the child died in the desert though and she has just had a mental break.

2) She sees a plane crash. It is the same plane that the child of the aforementioned crazy woman had as a toy as well. The suggestion is that when their brains are trying to force them out of the simulation they form reasons to beckon them out into the desert where they’ll stumble onto HQ which is actually the exit to the simulation. Kind of a neat idea.

3) It turns out that all of them are from one of three cities, and all of them met their husbands in one of three ways (or something like that). The one I can remember is that a lot of them are originally from Philadelphia, and a lot of them met their husbands on a train when they dropped their ticket. You’d think you would either (1) hire some writers for your metaverse, or (2) just use the people’s original background since why not? Maybe you have to trick their mind enough by fabricating everything though.

4) Wlde refuses because, what a twist! She chose to be there. Long ago she had two children who tragically died, and so her and her husband chose to live a simulated life in which they can forever be with their children in peace. Personally, I’d rather do that for like four hours a day, not all of my existence. I would be too worried about bed sores and stuff.

5) She is a doctor. It is shown that she is, in fact, a surgeon. But her life is very busy and she’s kind of falling out of love with her loser husband, so he traps her in a simulation where he’s not a loser and is British and can do crazy dances.

Bonus Answer: Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, is that Chris Pine’s music I hear. But how? Well, Pugh wouldn’t know he’s dead, but she might have known that he couldn’t be here since he was just in the simulation. “I think you might know my brother, Frank,” he says. Twin time?! Not-Frank and Shelley, it turns out, have been working to take down Frank and his company for years. Shelley sent him to save Pugh before the Company’s outside men get to her. She’s necessary because they’ve been watching her drive in the simulation. “No one Tokyo Drifts like you, Alice. Not here in the real world, and especially not in there. And where we’re going, we need all the Tokyo Drifting we can get.” And Tokyo Drift they do, they Tokyo Drift right back into the larger simulation, the true Metaverse created by Frank before his death. But, Frank’s not the top dog. He’s just the visionary. The programmer, the father of the simulation still lives. And to get to him, they’ve going to need a team. It’s a rag-tag group of simulation rejects. Can they take down a secret world-spanning cabal?

Find out in Keep on Not Worrying Darling. Now it’s a Fast and the Furious-esque heist film. Exactly what you’d expect.

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