Prey for the Devil Quiz

Oh boy. So I was possessed (again, I feel like I’ve been possessed a few times in my life), and had like a bunch of hair in my mouth, and then a crazy fist came out! It was nuts. But afterwards I was in such shock that I just plum forgot everything! Do you remember what happened in Prey for the Devil?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We’re at the top exorcism hospital in Boston (if not America!), and our hero, Ann, is a nun. What are and aren’t the nuns at this hospital allowed to do for the possession patients?

2) Well guess what dummies? We got the Michael Jordan of exorcism up in here. What in Sister Ann’s past prepared her for this NEL (National Exorcism League) Championship?

3) Well, cool. Well, you can’t just jump in and dominate excorisming right away. That would be crazy. Good thing there is another person available who is possessed. Who does she try and exorcism first, and what is the result?

4) What one weird trick does the devil not want you to know about excorisms that Ann intuits from being such a good Catholic?

5) How does Ann ultimately defeat the devil who preyed on Natalie?

Bonus Question: Oh boy, aren’t we on tenterhooks after that big surprise ending. But boom, in the mid-credits scene our hero awakens from a dream. Phew. But then her phone rings. Who is it?


1) Nuns are allowed to care for the patients, but exorcism is strictly a man’s game. Back in mother superior’s day they didn’t even allow the care of patients, so Ann should actually be grateful she’s allowed to do anything for these poor creatures.

2) Her mother was possessed. That’s right, she’s been dealing with possession since she was a child. She’s like those native Mexican people who like … run 50 miles a day for their whole life and junk. She’s an exorcism savant.

3) Well Father Dante, who’s kind of a hunk, has a bit of a problem: his sister’s possessed. So they do a little gym work before the big game to test out what is, in essence, the Triangle Offense of exorcism. It’s going to change the game! But that’s for the next question.

4) It turns out that really for good Catholics, there is one thing that let’s the devil inside your heart: doubt. You do something bad, and like any good Catholic you let that guilt eat away with you and destroy your life? That’s an opportunity for the devil’s to come and getcha. So that’s the trick. You just have to forgive yourself. It’s so simple, you just have to not believe in the devil forgive yourself and everything works (well … until it doesn’t).

5) She let’s herself be possessed (classic) and then while running around trying to find Natalie she jumps into the large fountain of holy water that is kept in the hospital basement (natch). Easy peasy … wait, the big pool of holy water works for possessions? But … that’s what they try every time!

Bonus Answer: It’s her dead mother aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Boom she wakes up again. Phew. She’s in the Vatican, she made it after all, and she’s still dunking on fools who think they can dangle with the devil, but really, she knows she’s the Michael Jordan of exorcism because she actually faced the devil (multiple times) and won! Suddenly, though, she has doubts. There is a new case, a young boy who seems to know a lot about her. A boy who seems to almost revel in the possession, to mock her. As she investigates further she realizes that no one seems to know where this boy came from or who he really is. Following his mother one night she stumbles onto a devil worshiping cult. What is this?! They grab her and the leader explains that the devil chose her because she is destined to birth the second coming of Christ, and indeed, the child she met? That is the anti-Christ, the devil reborn who cannot ascend to the throne and rule the world without first defeating her progeny. So no, they won’t kill her … but they’ll be watching, and waiting. And with that they’re gone. Smash cut to black.

It is a bit of a combination of Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen all mixed up in Prey for the Devil 2: Armageddon. To complete the trilogy you smash cut to 15 years later where she’s training her son to save the world. Honestly … decent idea, a kind of hardcore Mary mother of reborn Christ preparing him to battle the devil? Wait … that’s just Terminator 2. Nevermind.


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