The Invitation Quiz

Oh man, so I just saw that I have a new cousin in England and I am invited to a swanky wedding. The only issue was on my way I slipped into the ‘brary and got bopped on the head by some creature. Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in The Invitation?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Our hero, Evie, is just living her life in NYC when she finds out she has very wealthy British relatives. Where does she get the DNA test?

2) When she arrives at the mansion she sees a bunch of totally normal things, like maids who walk out of a van and are numbered … normal. What room is she forbidden from entering?

3) Remember those numbered maids? Can you remember how all five died?

4) So, why do they want/need Evie to wed Walter?

5) Who does Evie and Grace go to beat up at the teaser at the end of the film?

Bonus Question: Back in NYC Evie is back to being a normal poor person. But there is a knock at the door. Who is it?


1) So she’s a genuine poor person. She makes pottery, but actually makes money as a caterer. As a caterer her friend steals gift bags from these swanky events, and at one of these events (which is for a DNA testing company I think) they get a DNA test. On a whim she takes it, and finds her definitely-not-vampire-friends family. Hooray!

2) She is forbidden from entering what, if I recall correctly, is called The Library. It looks more like an office if I’m being honest, but spooky. As a bona fide ‘Brary Bro, I don’t like this ‘Brary slander. Everyone should feel safe in their local library, even if their local librarian is a vampire.

3) Alright well … I could be wrong, but this is kind of a trick question because I think one of them lived? Anyways, one died in the ‘brary I think because the main guy ate her. Then two others died in the wine cellar and that was definitely done by the other two wives. The fourth is killed at dinner which is what the main character is like “what thuuuuuuuu?!” And as I said, I think the fifth escaped after the wedding, but then again I could be misremembering, the whole last fight is kind of a blur.

4) This is kind of the whole raison d’etre of the film. So, this film is basically a sequel to Dracula. It posits that Dracula came to England and established himself there in high society. The one family is the family in Transylvania which helped him originally. The second family I think is supposed to be Lucy’s family from the book, Lucy being the woman Dracula enchants. The final family is maybe the London group from the book. Anyways, at some point Dracula figures out by wedding and bonding three wives he can achieve immortality (whatever), and so the whole story is basically about how he needs a woman from this specific family to stay alive. Thus, Evie.

5) Oliver, the young real estate agent from London who contacts Evie in the first place. They gotta really go out and destroy the Dracula fambly or wherever. I appreciate that they didn’t feel the need to set up a sequel, but then this ending is just kind of lame as well. I don’t care about Oliver.

Bonus Answer: Hooded figures, oh no!! Evie is knocked unconscious. She hears muffled voices during transport, and when she emerges, gasp! A castle? Could it be? Indeed, it is Dracula’s castle. The English families are destroyed, or at least, they’ve taken the opportunity to extract themselves from Dracula’s grasp, but the Transylvanian family is like “not so fast.” They worship Dracula as a god, and Evie killed their god. But there is hope. You see, the blood of Dracula still runs through Evie’s veins. Not for long, but long enough that if one were to enact a true slaughter, bathe Evie in the blood of acolytes, and then sacrifice her, Dracula would be reborn! But little do they know that Grace is on the case. As the sacrifices begin, Grace busts in and they take down the final family, burn the castle, and expel the half reborn Dracula once again. But is the world safe as long as Evie exists? I guess we’ll have to wait for the trilogy to find out!The sequel is called The Invitation 2: Dracula Reborn. Honestly, the prequel with the alternate Dracula history could be a cool movie. That would be something to try.


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