Where the Crawdads Sing Quiz

Oh man. So I live in the marsh, they call me the Marsh Guy, it isn’t a big deal. But then I fell off this fire tower and smashed my head into a beam. Good thing I have a skull like Rocky Balboa, otherwise I would be dead. But yeah, stage 10 concussion, I can’t remember a thing, the usual. Do you remember what happened in Where the Crawdad Sings?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Kya and her family live in the marsh. They live in the marsh so hard that everyone calls Kya Marsh Girl. What state do they live in?

2) After Kya’s entire family leaves, including her father, what does Kya do for money?

3) Tate is Kya’s first love, and Chase her second (kind of … does she love him?). Anyways, where does she meet them?

4) Later in life Kya makes a good amount of money writing and illustrating books. What kind of books?

5) Oh yeah, this entire thing is a courtroom drama isn’t it? What is Kya’s alibi, and what actually happened?

Bonus Question: At the end of the credits we are teased with a sequel. An older Kya lives in the marsh, but a blast from the past comes a-callin’ and it throws everything for a loop. Who?


1) North Carolina. You know this because they say it multiple times, but also because Tate in particular is getting into UNC or Duke or something and people go to Chapel Hill and junk.

2) She collects mussels. That’s what it looks like to me at least. She collects them super early and delivers it to Jumpin’ who gives her food and clothing and gas in exchange mostly.

3) Tate has always been around. His father is a shrimper and he loves the marsh just like Kya. He was friends (kind of) with Kya’s older brother, and they saw each other around a lot as kids. She meets Chase while looking at nature stuff on a beach where he’s playing football with his friends. He’s a horrible person so the less said about him the better.

4) They are marsh nature books. You see at least four about shells, birds, animals, etc. The books are so good, in fact, that she becomes a preeminent expert on marsh wildlife.

5) Kya was over in Chapel Hill meeting with her publisher. She has dinner from 7-10PM and so the only time she could have possibly come back to kill Chase would have been by taking the 1AM bus, luring him out and killing him at the fire tower within an hour, and then returning on the 2:30 AM bus so that she could appear for breakfast. The idea is so ludicrous that the jury just decides she has an alibi. What actually happened? Yeah, all that. Precisely that ludicrous plot what her insane plot to murder Chase apparently.

Bonus Answer: Oh man, is that Chase’s fiancee’s music! That’s right, the nameless fiancee of Chase is snooping around the Marsh. First, it seems like innocent curiosity. Her prior love loved this area she claims. Oh, yes, he brought me here all the time. But then Kya gets news that she’s been inquiring about who actually owns the marsh shack. Lucky for Kya her claim is iron clad. Unlucky for Kya, that woman is from a wealthy family and they are looking to make a five star hotel in this area. When things start being misplaced in the house and their very favorite marsh bird goes missing, Kya knows who’s behind it. She’s trying to scare Kya out of her own house. But Kya don’t scare easy. And Kya … Kya gets even. She lures the woman out into the marsh with promises of a deal, but once there Kya escapes into the deep swamp. To where the crawdads sing. And as the woman gets lost and turned around, eventually screaming out for Kya to help, Kya covers herself in mud and begins the game. The most dangerous game. The hunt. For the next two hours of the film it is a relentless chase between Kya and her prey. Slow torture until, desperate, the woman climbs the fire tower, the same tower her beloved died as well. And crying and shaking, gripping a makeshift club to defend herself, Kya pops out! One shove and it is over. A suicide the cops say. Kya has an alibi, she was in Boston the entire time! But how!? Swamp magic? We’ll never know. But this time they don’t dance around the cold blooded murder. Instead we get to see it in its full glory. A woman, one with the swa mp, killing for sport, like a swamp bird plucking a frog from the marshy water. Kya can do what she wants. She’s the Marsh Girl. This wasn’t her first kill, and it wouldn’t be the last.

It’s called Where the Crawdads Kill, and it is a straight thriller. Eventually I would make a spinoff of Criminal Minds to detail the hundreds of people Kya murdered over the years.


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