Memory Quiz

Oh man, so get this, I’m an assassin … I think. You know, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been f-f-f-f-f-forgetting things recently. I now … well, do you remember what happened in Memory?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) I just can’t remember … where did Neeson go to complete his first kill, and what event made him realize that, indeed, his mind was slipping?

2) Soon after, while on a job, who does Neeson visit in the hospital?

3) Also, what U.S. city does this entire movie implausibly take place in?

4) Neeson be all up in here killing everyone. What event causes him to snap and start his murdering spree?

5) Ultimately where does Neeson hide the cache of evidence that will take does all the big bads involved in the child prostitution ring?

Bonus Question: Guy Pearce is tired and boy howdy does he think retiring might be in the cards, but what’s this? A knock at the door? Who is it?


1) His first kill we see takes place in a Mexican hospital. And during that event he thinks he puts his car keys above the visor for a quick getaway, but in fact it seems like he actually put them in his pockets.

2) He decides to visit his brother who looks ancient and, it turns out, has very advanced dementia. This is what Neeson fears, that he too will succumb to this same fate.

3) El Paso! And boy howdy is this a very very El Paso movie. It makes sense since the plotline revolves around immigration to some extent, but still … a generic Texas city would have done just as well, but they chose to set this specifically in El Paso.

4) So he was paid to kill two people. One was the person hiding all this evidence about child prostitution. The other was, sadly, a child who was trafficked into El Paso and was in a group foster home thing. Neeson is like “No I won’t kill her and no one else will either.” But they he wakes up to a news story of her death and flips out.

5) So the story goes that his father ran a bakery and the two brothers would hang out there all the time. In the end he hid the evidence in the broken up sign above the bakery.

Bonus Answer: Is that the ghost of Alex Lewis’ music?!?!?!? You best belieb. “We have more work to do Vincent, we have to save more children and destroy those who hurt them. Destroy them all!” NO, Vincent screams, it can’t be. But alas, yes, Alex, now with enhanced Ghost Memory which allows him to remember events from the distant past (“How is that useful?” asks Vincent later, to which Alex responds “Silence mortal, I’m a god now! The power … it feels good.”), Vincent and Alex will team up in the ultimate odd couple buddy cop venture. Their first case? Davana Sealman? Oh yeah, she’s a ghost too! Oh no! And she also has Ghost Powers. Her powers are to possess people, and you better belieb she is possessing the new richest person in El Paso. It’s time to stretch those ghost … legs (?) and take her down again, this time in a battle of ghost powers. Can Alex learn to harness his enhanced memory to figure out how to take down Davana once and for all and banish her to hell? Find out in Memory 2: Ghost Protocol.

This is of course a backdoor pilot for the CBS procedural called Vincent and the Ghost, every Wednesday at 10PM. Also Liam Neeson is 100% CGI and appears uncredited.


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