65 Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I was flying my spaceship (natch) when I crash it like a goober! Something about an asteroid or something. Anyways, I got a pretty bad bump on the noggin and now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in 65?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does our hero Mills go on his journey? And how long will he be gone?

2) We awake with the ship crash landing on a planet. How many people survived the crash landing?

3) Oh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they’re aliums and they are on earf. This ain’t After Earth though, this is Before Earth. Where do they have to go and why are they quite keen on getting there fast?

4) So wait … what actually happened to his daughter?

5) They do get to where they were going, but not before having one bit final battle with a T-Rex. How do they defeat the T-Rex?

Bonus Question:


1) He goes on the journey because it will give his family enough money to get treatment for his daughter for some sort of respiratory illness. And he’ll be gone for two whole years, typically his journeys were, evidently, much shorter.

2) Only two. He survives in the cockpit and then a single deep sleep chamber with a young girl survives. And unlucky for him she speak no … whatever language they are supposed to be speaking I guess.

3) They need to get to the back half of the spaceship which crash landed on a mountain. The reason is that that is where the emergency escape pod is, and they need to get to that quick because, spoiler alert, they coincidentally landed at exactly the same place and time as the asteroid strike that causes the dinosaurs to go extinct.

4) She died of course, what a twist. His journey was for nought.

5) So Mills leads the T-Rex away but seems like he is mostly resigned that he’ll die and the young girl will get to survive herself. But they she comes out of nowhere and stabs the T-Rex in the eye with a branch covered in poison berry juice. And then the weakened T-Rex is in just the right place to be roasted by a geyser.

Bonus Answer: “You are hereby charged with 146 counts of negligent homicide. How do you plead?” the judge’s voice rings out. Mills looks visibly shaken, moreso as the voice shouts “LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE!” And thus Mills finds himself on a spaceship to penal colony 3497, once again alone. The penal colony is a desolate place, mining transported asteroids for heavy metal and, mostly, just trying not to be killed. There Mills is immediately viewed as a military man by the guards … and that means he’s a threat. But what’s this? An old man steps in to help protect him from the vicious head guard. He’s Malony. He’s from Terrerect 4, and all he wants is to see his daughter again. Mills knows that feeling. The alarm gets sent out, a new asteroid is being brought in. But something doesn’t feel right to Mills … where did this astroid come from?! Those are mother flipping dinosaurs on that asteroid! They attack, and Malony and Mills begin fighting for their lives. And naturally, they “befriend” a large T-Rex (the usual) and manage to, in the chaos, find an escape ship. “You ready to see your daughter?” Mills says. “Welllllllll … I kind of have a job I need to do first, will you help?” Smash cut.

Yeah, we franchising this. It’s called 64 obviously. You have to go backwards since 64 million years ago is more recent … also I guess these aliens live for millions of years? Ignore that bit.

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