Suicide Squad (2016) Quiz

Oh boy. What am I some sort of concussed man? I suppose, because the last thing I remember was hanging in the Midway City subway when a big splosion happened. Do you remember what happened in Suicide Squad (2016)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Name all of the (evil) members of the Suicide Squad and their powers. Exact name not required, just like … vaguely allude to their powers.

2) There are also two (main) good members of Suicide Squad. Who are they and why are they there?

3) Throughout we are treated to the very unpleasant portrayal of The Joker by Jared Leto. What is his plan to free Harley Quinn?

4) What is the main mission the Suicide Squad goes on? And what is the ultimate mission they end up on?

Bonus Question: Who is the first Suicide Squad member to get a spin off movie?


1) We got Killer Croc who eats meat and can swim and junk like a crocodile. Harley Quinn is insane and does insane things. Deadshot is like Hawkeye except with guns, he never misses. There is … fire guy (El Diablo, had to look it up), he makes fire. There is June Moone (not joking, that’s her name) who has an eeeeeeevil Mayan god inside her (Enchantress). There is Captain Boomarang, he has a boomerang and gets drunk. And who could forget the best member of the Squad, Slipknot who can climb anything! No points for Katana, she’s a good person.

2) Rick Flagg is genuinely the main one who is the leader of the Suicide Squad because he’s in love with June Moone and so agrees to help Viola Davis out. Katana is also a good guy and … well, I think scientists maintain we’ll never know why she gets involved with them? Maybe it is to get her husband’s soul out of her katana or something?

3) So first he frames the main guard (who has a significant gambling debt) to get info on the head ‘sploding implant. He then visits the lab where the implants are made and gets a implant-reverse-card device to stop the device. He then gets a helicopter, disables Harley’s implant, and rescues her. Et voila, for approximately 30 seconds he has saved Harley Quinn … until his helicopter crashes and she ends up back with the Suicide Squad anyways.

4) This is key: the main mission they get sent on is just to save Viola Davis. She, for whatever reason, stayed too late at the office in Midway City and now is a tad bit stuck. But also like … she just catches a helicopter (which also crashes) so whatever. The ultimate mission though is to defeat Enchantress who has resurrected her brother as a giant and is opening a portal to some other world … or something who cares.

5) In the end they defeat Enchantress by swimming a big bomb under the train station (with the help of Killer Croc) and exploding it, defeating her brother. And then after subduing Enchantress they crush her heart, despite the threat that June Moone will die. But that turns out not to be true. June Moone doesn’t die. Instead Enchantress is merely defeated. Enchantress was lying. Hooray!

Bonus Answer: You best believe we are getting an origin story for GQ Edwards. In the beginning he was just a normal grunt in the military, albeit seemingly with an unparalleled streak of luck. It seemed that even when his team was decimated in battle he seemed to come out unscathed. The praise and success compound on each other to allow him to rise up and up until he leads his own super soldier team just as metahumans begin their rise in the DC universe. During one mission though he is paired with the mad psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Crane who is embedded with the military to study PTSD and try and find a cure. Crane realizes that something seems off about Edwards … he is a metahuman! At least a subtle one. He is able to disguise his facial features. Triggered by stress he changes himself to match the features of those around him. All those combat situations he survived by luck? Not luck. Instead it was camouflage. The bad guys didn’t even realize he was an enemy at all, they barely even saw him. He’s faceless! Crane attempts to kidnap him in order to study and eventually exploit his powers in his sinister experiments on the insane of Gotham, but in the end a team led by Rick Flagg comes to the rescue and Crane escapes. Flagg promises not to reveal Edwards’ status as a metahuman if he joins him. And thus begins the origins of The Suicide Squad’s not-really-superpowered core.

It is called DC’s GQ Origin. A very confusing title and when people realize it is about someone they don’t know it ends up bombing at the box office and ruining my nascent screenwriting career.

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