Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Quiz

Oh, so bad news alert. I was in Metropolis the day Superman and Zod fought. Yeah. I got bopped right on the head with a falling rock! I lived, but I got a pretty big concussion and now can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What is the initial trap that Lex Luthor sets for Superman which gets him in a boatload of trouble?

2) And then what is the second trap he sets in order to try and make him doubt his powers even more? Hint it was the plot which ultimately killed the senator at the capitol.

3) Meanwhile in Gotham, Batman is fighting villains in a slightly non-traditional way. What does he do to the bad guys?

4) Oh and Batman also wants to get some other information from Luthor. What does he ultimately find on the secret harddrive?

5) And in the end, what is Lex Luthor’s plan? And what is his backup plan?

Bonus Question: Superman is gone. But just then a signal comes from outer space … who is it?


1) Well first he sets up a real hostage situation in Africa whereby Lois Lane is going out there with Jimmy Olsen (who is now a CIA agent? Whatever, it doesn’t matter because he dies). Then he has his minions kill everyone just prior to Superman showing up. Et voila! Everyone things Superman killed a bunch of bad guys.

2) This one was really complicated. His plan is to befriend a Wayne Enterprises employee who was mad at Superman because he was severely injured in the Zod attack. He gets him out of jail and gives him a fancy new wheelchair all in exchange for promising to get him on the Hill to testify about the damage Superman can do. Superman, naturally, also shows up. But oh ho! What a trick. Turns out Luthor lined the wheelchair with lead and planted a bomb in it. Now everyone thinks that the injured guy was a terrorist and bonus, Superman now thinks he didn’t see the bomb because he wasn’t looking and doesn’t care! Yeah … that’s convoluted.

3) He brands them. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t kill them … he just puts them in jail where the prisoners kill them. I have a suspicion Zach Snyder might not really understand how Batman works.

4) He finds little trailers for all the upcoming DC movies. That’s weird. Oh wait, I guess they are just like information on the metahumans that exist in the world. Yeah, nevermind, it doesn’t make sense that Luthor would be running the DCEU. The metahuman thing makes more sense.

5) Man this is convoluted. Part 1: Get access to Zod’s ship. Part 2: Kidnap Superman’s mother. Part 3: Completely convince Batman he needs to kill Superman. Part 4: Tell Superman he’s going to kill his mother if he doesn’t fight Batman. Part 5: If that doesn’t work and for some reason they don’t kill each other, make a super being out of Zod’s corpse in the spaceship … Part 5 is kind of just some jazzy improv for how he maybe planned on ultimately killing one or both of Batman and Superman.

Bonus Answer: After the events of Batman v Superman the world is once again rebuilding, but with the knowledge that Superman is no longer there to help them. Just as they are at their lowest a spaceship enters orbit. While concerning, the message the Earth receives is that of peace. They are merely a galactic circus. They would typically entertain, but they actually have a dire warning. They followed the beacon set by Zod’s ship, and they knew that the beacon could be followed by others. They can help to disable the ship though, all they need to do is drag it up to the North Pole, which they happily do. This is ultimately going to be the Fortress of Solitude, but that is for Superman’s return to deal with. Meanwhile we follow a pair of mysterious figures who are breaking into various facilities in the U.S. Fort Knox, the Gotham Bank, etc. Batman is also highly suspicious, and sets a trap and captures what turns out to be the Wonder Twins. They explain that, no, they aren’t bad guys … but the leader of the circus is. The Laugh Maker has the guise of a clown, but he brainwashes and hypnotizes with his entertainment, and ultimately once enough of the world beholds his circus’ wonders he’ll be able to rule the world. So Batman, with the help of The Wonder Twins, must break into the circus’s floating big top and set it back on its course around the galaxy. In a final large scale battle the Wonder Twins are revealed to have been brainwashed all along, but with the help of Batman they turn against the Laugh Maker and defeat him with the power of water and animals (and a little escaped trained alien, Gleek). In the end Batman offers The Wonder Twins an exciting opportunity. Alongside his ward Robin they can but together their own smaller scale crimefighting unit The Teen Titans. The End.

It plays as a Wonder Twins origin story and the introduction of The Teen Titans, who will in turn begin integrating Robin into the Affleck Batman stories as well … well it would have if than of that happened. I think I would just call this DC’s Wonder or something and see how that goes.


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