Behind Enemy Lines Quiz

Uh oh, you thought you would just buzz by this website and peruse our bad movie ramblings? Think again! You just got shot down by our Bad Movie anti-aircraft missiles and are stuck behind the Bad Movie enemy line. And we’re after you, this ain’t no joke, we’ve been stuck in a Bad Movie prison camp and know how to do one thing well: kill. You best get ready for a quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. There are two crewmen in Burnett’s jet, a pilot and navigator. Which is Burnett?
  2. After Burnett (Owen Wilson) and Stackhouse’s flight is cancelled (again, boo!) they go to the mess to get their chow on. What food does Burnett make quite a show of eating?
  3. After getting shot down Burnett and Stackhouse are separated from their cockpit chairs which had homing beacons. Why did Reigart subsequently order Burnett’s homing beacon to be turned off?
  4. After a close escape from the factory booby trapped with mines Burnett escaped to a nearby highway to flag down a very America-loving truck. What kind of music was the truck playing?
  5. The Serbians have a dastardly plan to fake Burnett’s death to prevent the Americans from deploying a rescue mission. What event tips off the battleship that Owen Wilson was alive and well?


  1. He is the navigator, what a twist? It plays a nice part in the story though as he is naturally expected to know the lay of the land and how to get around.
  2. Jello. He even asks for seconds he loves that Jello so goddamn much.
  3. Once Burnett scaled a nearby mountain like Rocky in Rocky IV he was able to make radio contact with the battleship. Unfortunately his homing beacon was interfering with his handheld signal, so Reigart very flippantly orders it turned off and happily pays it no mind for the rest of the movie.
  4. Elvis. The driver even has the glasses! And no one mentions it. They suck down ice cold Coca-Cola’s, talk about Ice Cube, and generally love America! USA! USA! USA!
  5. Burnett goes back to get the super secret video of the Serbian’s super secret genocide. While there he jerry-rigs the chair’s locator beacon to restart … remember, the one from question three. Luckily the intelligence operatives knows this is very odd behavior and a rescue mission is dispatched.

Jamie, ran slow motion between some mines, dipped and dodged, and got back to safety with a perfect score, how about you? Were you Burnett and escaped with your evidence of genocide? Or were you Stackhouse and get shot in the head 15 minutes into the film?


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