The Nun Quiz

The Nun is a-comin’ to getcha guys, she’s in rural Romania but itching for that big-city London park life! She just needs a partner in crime to, you know … get all possessed and shit. Are you that vessel, do you deserve it? Well then get ready, let’s go!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why is our friend Frenchie called Frenchie?

2) Father Burke is a mysterious figure with a dark past. One of the figures in his past is Daniel, who is Daniel?

3) Frenchie is entangled in the story because of a nun that hanged herself. What was she holding when she hanged herself, and what was it for?

4) For a while our main character Sister Irene is alone in the Abbey with spooooooooky ghosts with Father Burke trapped by a clockwork gate. How do Burke and Frenchie infiltrate the abbey?

5) Give me the whole backstory of Valak as best you can, this is an origin story after all!


1) Trick question! It isn’t because he is French, he is in fact French-Canadian, but pretends to be French because it slays the ladies and makes them go crazy!

2) Daniel is a young possessed boy Father Burke was sent to investigate. Unfortunately exorcism is a violent process and Daniel was killed in the process of expelling his demons, whoops!

3) She was holding a key. And not just any key, this is a key to a semi-McGuffin, the vial of Jesus’ blood which lo’ and behold is the only thing that can well and truly destroy Valak and send it to hell once again (well … besides Vera Farmiga apparently, but let’s ignore that weird bit).

4) There is a Chekov’s icehouse on the ground where Frenchie would drop off the quarterly food supplies, and where the nuns could fetch the food without leaving the castle. Ta da, looks like Valak forgot to lock the back door!

5) There once was a Duke that lived in the castle (prob best buds with Count Dracula actually) and was ghost writing an autobiography for Valak entitled My Story So Far (I assume). He killed a load of people in order to complete the ritual to bring Valak into our world. Now the Vatican didn’t really like that as they had a strict No Defiler policy for the world at the time, and so they came equipped with the actual genuine blood of Christ, killed the Duke, and use the blood to seal the chasm where Valak was peaking out. They installed an abbey in the castle to watch over the spot. Unfortunately during WWII bombs landing near the abbey (in rural Romania, give me a break) and reopened the chasm (whoops, should have filled it with concrete or something) and up until the time of the film the nuns had spent all of their time praying in order to keep Valak at bay, and killing themselves in order to prevent Valak from getting a human vessel to stay in this world. But then like a goober Frenchie gets possessed, whoops!

So did you get them all right and get possessed by Valak and bring this demon stateside (and yet to London as well somehow)? Or did you fail and just think you destroyed The Nun with Jesus blood?


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