Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Quiz

You were all still distracted by the three B’s: Beer, Boobs, and Bobcat Goldthwait. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t figure out the non-plot of this plotless garbage film.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film we see poor poor Sweetchuck locking up his shop and then getting assaulted by Zed and the gang of hoodlums at an ATM. But … what does Sweetchuck sell?

2) To take care of the hoodlums the city decides to try something difffffferent, and calls up the Academy for a batch of their best and brightest. Which of the recruits from the first film make the cut and what are their stereotypes … er, I mean defining characteristic?

3) Meanwhile the eeeevil Lt. Mauser is tasked with running the new recruits out of town. How does the gang get back at him twice?

4) As a final desperate act what does Lassard do in order to try and regain control of the streetz?

5) In a very Never Never Land Lost Boys type of situation Zed and the gang are holed up somewhere outside of the city. Where?


1) It appears he sells Chandeliers. I would accept antiques or knick-knacks as well. He just has an absolute shitload of chandeliers so I can’t imagine he offloads much else.

2) Mahoney obvs who a smoooooov criminal and parttime sexual predator. Hightower who is amazingly strong. Hooks with her teeny tiny voice. Jones who makes sound effects with his mouth. Tackleberry who loves guns. Fackler who is super clumsy.

3) Mahoney first replaces his shampoo with epoxy resin which just causes him all kind of a bad hair day!! Then Mahoney signed him up for a cavity search against his will!! That’s assault brotha! Hilarious hijinx as usual Gutes.

4) He throws a fair! Naturally. What? What would you do to try and take back control of the streetz from a vicious street gang?

5) At the old zoo. And man does it seem like a character in itself. There are buses and rope bridges, and graffiti. It is like it was designed by a child.

So were you The Gutes, Gutting it up like a sexual predator (arguable! It is arguable that his character is a sexual predator!)? Or were you Lt. Mauser, the new antagonist of the series which feels oddly like the old antagonist of the series.


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