Town & Country Quiz

Because this film lulled me into a weeks long coma, I nearly forgot to make a quiz. I would never fail our loyal fan(s) (I’m sure there is more than one, but you never know).

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) During the film we see Warren Beatty try to have an affair with four different women. Describe them.

2) There are, in the beginning of the film, seven people living in Warren Beatty’s house including himself. Name the other six.

3) What are Beatty and Keaton’s jobs? What is Shandling’s job?

4) This film is a-jet-setting, and Beatty ends up in four different locations during the film. Name them.

5) As Beatty and Keaton are proceeding through their divorce what item (I don’t need specifics) makes Keaton rethink her decision to go through with it immediately?


1) First we see the cellist whom he seems to sleep with twice (once before his anniversary, and once after). Second was obviously Goldie Hawn, how seems to be a friend he had growing up and the reason he knows Shandling. Third was Andie MacDowell who is a genuine crazy person with a crazy father played by real life lunatic Charlton Heston. Finally, there is Jenna Elfman who was an employee at the bait shop at the ski resort.

2) Obviously there are his wife (Diane Keaton), and his son and daughter. Then there is his daughter’s boyfriend who doesn’t speak a lick of English. And finally there is the housekeeper and her new boyfriend, who is a militant of some kind. Harnett’s girlfriend doesn’t live there.

3) Beatty is a high powered architect, and Keaton is an interior designer, and that makes them a bonafide NYC power couple. Shandling is an antiques dealer. I didn’t mention Goldie Hawn because I don’t know what she does … she is a housewife maybe?

4) We open in Paris for Beatty and Keaton’s anniversary. They obviously live within the character of New York City. Beatty accompanies Hawn to Mississippi to help deal with the house there that is in quite the state of disrepair. And finally Beatty briefly goes to Shandling’s cabin in Idaho (Sun Valley).

5) There is an asset to be dealt with, a first edition copy of a famous book. While Keaton doesn’t remember it, Beatty is astonished and explains that it was the book he read to her when she got pneumonia and thus is an extremely valuable possession. Realizing the gravity of what could be an enormous mistake Keaton puts the divorce on hold and they decide to attempt to resolve their marriage for the time being.

Phew, what an exciting movie. You could be forgiven for forgetting some stuff. It was what? Five hours long? It wasn’t? Well it sure felt like it.


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