Hellboy (2019) Quiz

Hmmm, the last thing I remember I was wandering around St. Paul’s cathedral in London, then all these monsters came out of a pit in the earth and … I can’t remember. Can you help me figure out what happened in Hellboy?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Hellboy is off to Mexico to try and save a friend and fellow agent who has gone missing. What happened to him?

2) Maybe a tough one to remember, but given it was in giant block letters on the screen … where is B.P.R.D. headquarters? A state will suffice.

3) In the flashback sequence showing Hellboy’s birth at the hand of Nazis, who is conducting the ceremony to raise Hellboy from hell, and what is the name of the hero who foiled the whole plot?

4) Milla Jovovich plays the Blood Queen, an evil sorceress who was cut into pieces by Excalibur. In the modern day, after her resurrection she goes back to the tree where all of this went down. Why?

5) Why is Excalibur key to Hellboy’s destiny as the bringer of the apocalypse?


1) He has been turned into a vampire by some … well, vampires. Afterwards he seems to have become a Mexican wrestler, up until Hellboy stakes him accidentally.

2) Colorado. This is more true to the comics. The original Hellboy film had it based in New Jersey, and they even poke fun at it a bit in the film if I recall correctly.

3) Rasputin was conducting the ceremony, which again, I think is true to the comics. The Lobster comes to save the day, a spin-off character which has his own comic series.

4) She needs her blood. When she was cut to pieces her blood seeped into the tree and kept there, she goes to cut the tree and extract the blood to complete her return to power.

5) He is a direct descendant of King Arthur. The last person in Arthur’s direct bloodline was a woman who worshiped a goat demon. She did some ceremony that allowed her to go to hell to mate with the demon. The spawn was Hellboy, who is destinies to wield Excalibur and destroy the world. I assume all of this is from the comics, it is kind of too ridiculous not to be.

Ah yeah, that’s right … they rebooted Hellboy and it was mostly not very good. So, did you get them all right and stop the apocalypse like Jamie? Or did you get ripped apart by a hell monster like a goober?


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