Jade Quiz

My mind is all cloudy. I remember meeting a sexy seductress named Jade and I was like “hey lady, I’m married, get your sexy antics outta here!” But then next thing I knew like fourteen people had died. Can you remember what happened in Jade?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film our hero detective David Corelli is schmoozing it up at a dinner with his ex-girlfriend (Katrina) and her husband (Matt). What do these two people do for a living?

2) During this dinner David is called away to investigate a murder most foul. A creepy rich guy has been killed, and guess what? Katrina was there just that afternoon! Why was she there?

3) Creepy rich guy it turns out was extra creepy. He keeps little tins of pubic hair, a bunch of masks, and other bits and bobs … like blackmail! What super sensitive blackmail item do the detectives discover in creepy rich guy’s house?

4) Who is Jade?

5) In the end how is the case closed, and who was the murderer?


1) Matt Gavin is a high powered defense attorney in San Francisco. It is a bit less clear what Katrina Gavin does precisely, but it seems like she is an author and clinical psychologist. The only thing that majorly comes into play is that she is involved with the art museum.

2) Katrina went to creepy rich guy’s apartment to discuss the acquisition of a painting for the art museum. If I recall correctly it was a Matisse … it might be a Manet. It started with an `M` I think …

3) Pictures of the governor having sex with a prostitute! Whoops! They pop over to Sacramento (I assume) and ask him about it, and he’s all like “I totes won’t try and kill all of you guys, wink wink, but also don’t try and find that prostitute please, seriously, don’t.”

4) Easy one, but it is obviously Katrina. More abstractly Jade is her alter ego whereby she has very wild sex with very rich and powerful people. She clearly had sex with the creepy rich dude from the beginning, and also the governor.

5) Somewhat hard to parse, but Bob Hargrove, another detective, breaks into Katrina and Matt’s house to try and find blackmail evidence and is killed by David. It is somewhat suggested that the murders are pinned on him, the theory being that the rich clients of creepy rich guy’s prostitution ring hired Bob as a fixer to try and destroy the blackmail evidence. But he isn’t the actual murderer. Matt is the murderer. Jealous and concerned about the possibility of blackmail himself, he murdered creepy rich guy and plans to have Jade all for himself.

Oh yeah … that was not sexy at all, just sad and gross. Why you got to do me like that Jade? Why couldn’t you just be super funny like Color of Night?


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