Dark Phoenix Quiz

Huh, last thing I remember I was going on a sweet space mission with my team of mutants … but then something happened and I can’t remember. Do you remember what happened in Dark Phoenix?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

(1) What mission are the X-men sent on in the beginning of the film that kicked off the whole Dark Phoenix saga?

(2) Can you tell me literally anything about the aliens and what their purpose on Earth is?

(3) We learn a lot about Jean Grey in this film. What is the story given here that she learns in the course of becoming Dark Phoenix?

(4) Dark Phoenix then finds Magneto hanging with his buds in the forest. He gets preeeeetty pissed at here for downing a military helicopter and goes after her with two other eeeevil mutants. What were their powers?

(5) In the end what happens to Jean Grey and all of the mutants?



(1) They are sent to space to help save some astronauts in the Space Shuttle. They’ve encountered some alien energy force and are in a wild uncontrolled spin that they can’t get out of, so Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, and Quicksilver pop out to help them out.

(2) The alien’s planet was destroyed by a powerful energy force which, much like Galactus, travels the universe and consumes planets it seems. The aliens are here to harness the power for their own uses in rebuilding their planet and culture.

(3) When she was young she caused a car accident that killed her mother. She is told at the time that her father died as well and Xavier takes her in as a student at his school. In reality her grieving father gave her up as he didn’t believe she could be controlled or helped. Xavier put up memory walls to prevent her from realizing this, but the Dark Phoenix power breaks them down and we learn all of this.

(4) There are two main ones, a psychic and a guy who can use his braids to attack things. Looking up the characters online the psychic appears to be Selena who is supposed to be a psychic vampire, which didn’t come across in the film. The braids guy is apparently an original character.

(5) Jean Grey “dies” basically by unloading all of the power into the eeeeevil alien leader. People assume she is dead, but you can see a phoenix shape flying in the sky which I think means she’s joined with the space force. This is the last in the series, so this fact is immaterial. The rest of the mutants live at the school which has been renamed the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters.

Oh yeah, I went insane and killed a load of people with my mind powers … and there were aliens for whatever reason. So were you Jean Grey, awesome X-man? Or were you Dark Phoenix, eeeeeeeevil ex-X-man?


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