Lost & Found Quiz

Let’s see. All of this might have just been in my mind, but I’m pretty sure I stole a poor woman’s dog in an ill-fated attempt to make her fall in love with me … wait, is that right? That doesn’t make any sense. Do you remember what happened in Lost & Found?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) David Spade is a lovable restaurateur in Los Angeles with a heart of gold. When we first meet Spade he’s getting broken up with by his girlfriend. What job does she have?

2) Let’s get some facts straight about Spade’s restaurant. What kind of food does it serve? And why do they need a loan?

3) Meanwhile, a very attractive French woman, Lila, moves in next door and Spade just knows that if he can spend time with her, he’ll be able to make her fall in love with him. One problem, the suave Rene has arrived from France to cramp his style. Why did Lila break up with Rene?

4) In order to secure this time together Spade naturally steals Lila’s dog. Second problem, the dog then ends up being involved in the misplacement of Spade’s friend’s diamond ring! Whoops! What two things does Spade think could have happened to the ring, and which one was correct?

5) In order to secure the loan in the end Spade lip syncs (and then eventually sings) some Neil Diamond for the adoring crowd at the shindig he is catering. Why? Why would he do such an embarrassing thing?


1) She is clearly a stripper … let’s go with exotic dancer of some kind. She dresses as a sexy cowgirl with assless chaps, so I think we can safely assume that dancing comes into play in some way.

2) It is an italian restaurant, which he runs with his bestest friend (and his bestest friend’s wife). They need the loan because, in order to start making real money, they have to buy the place next door to expand the kitchen. Mainly it is the kitchen thing, the current set up is ill-equipped for Spade’s lofty dreams.

3) Rene and Lila played in an orchestra together, her on the cello and him on the piano. The thing is, Rene just can’t keep his dick in his pants. So Lila was outtie 5000, and off to Los Angeles to live the American Dream.

4) So Spade sees the dog play hide and seek with his toy and initially is like “oh, he just hid the ring somewhere in the house”. Artie Lange then comes over and notes that the dog eats anything, and so Spade takes him to the vet and there is maybe a ring like thing inside of him. In the end it did indeed turn out the dog hid the ring (we never find out where), and it was just a matter of becoming good friends with him to get it back.

5) Martin Sheen’s wife is a huge Neil Diamond fan. One problem, Neil Diamond is stuck at the airport!! So Spade does the only thing he can think of to finally secure that loan: show some guts, and embarrass himself in front of everyone to save the day. Weirdest thing? It works! They get the loan! Hooooray!

Ahhh, no that is what happened. I stole a poor woman’s dog. Kind of makes me sound like a jerk doesn’t it?


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