The Hustle Quiz

So I was pulling off this sweet con when all of a sudden I slipped on a slippery floor, crashed into the wall, and a vase bopped me right on the ol’ noggin’. Long story short I think I have a massive concussion, because I don’t remember a thing about The Hustle. Do you?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Prior to becoming Hatheway’s protege, Wilson is seen committed three cons. What are they? What is Hatheway’s con when we are introduced to her?

2) What big con do Hatheway and Wilson pull off together (i.e. what are both of their parts, and what is the code name for the con)?

3) What was the app that Alex Sharp invented called / what did it do?

4) When trying to con Alex, Wilson pretends to have what affliction? How does Hatheway butt into the con?

5) In the end how much money does Alex Sharp steal from both of them? Also what is his relationship with Medusa, the extremely famous female con artist?


1) We open with Wilson conning a guy out of boob job money on a blind date of some kind. We then see her use a “Taken” scenario to get a meal on the train, and then the same con again to get a bunch of money from a rich person on the beach. Hatheway meanwhile is seen stealing a valuable bracelet off of a Dutch gambling addict.

2) They pull off the Lord of the Rings con. This involves Hatheway pretending to be a minor Royal and seducing four men who subsequently propose to her. She then reveals her awful sister (Wilson) which is basically a caricature of inbred British royalty, foists her upon them, and they run away without the ring in shame.

3) Ya Burnt. And all it does is send insults to your friends which disappear after ten seconds. It is truly a terrible idea for an app.

4) Wilson pretends to be blind, but not due to an actual disease, but psychosomatically. Hatheway sees her chance and inserts herself as the hardline German doctor who will cure her.

5) He takes $500K from Hatheway as an “investment” into his app, and $500K in bitcoin from Wilson who had offhand mentioned she had that stashed away still. His “nana” who he had claimed was blind, was in fact Medusa, the famous con artist.

Ahhhhhhh, right, it turned out the person who seemed an awful lot like a con man was a con man the whole time. I, being a moron, was naturally shocked.


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