The Curse of La Llorona Quiz

Alright, the last thing I remember I heard a woman crying, went to go check it out, and now I’m haunted by a g-g-g-g-g-g-ghost! She knocked me over the head though and I can’t remember anything else. Do you remember what happened in The Curse of La Llorona?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Anna and her two children live in 70s LA as she toils away in Child Protective Services. Recently widowed, Anna is having a tough time of it, with problems at work and home. What was her husband’s profession?

2) At a crime scene Anna’s son ventures out to sneak a peek at some dead bodies (normal …), but instead sneaks a peak at La Llorona! Uh oh! Why is La Llorona haunting Anna and her children?

3) What seems to be La Llorona’s modus operandi? How does she haunt/kill her victims?

4) As explained by our ex-priest hero, there is only one thing that can stop La Llorona in her tracks. There is also another thing he calls “anti-venom”. What are these two things?

5) There is only one connection to the main Conjuring Universe in the film, do you remember what it is?


1) Her husband was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. And all of the po-po in the city have her back, it is mostly her boss who isn’t being super compassionate about her situation.

2) So Anna was called into a child safety situation earlier that day because a woman who perhaps had a drinking problem wasn’t bringing her children to school. When they got to the apartment it was very spooky with lots of candles. Turns out the woman was hiding her children in a closet from La Llorona. Anyways, Anna “saves” them, but then La Llorona kills them that night. The woman naturally blames Anna and curses her family, begging for La Llorona to haunt them in exchange for bringing her children back. I … don’t think that was ever going to happen, lady, but now Anna has a huge La Llorona problem.

3) It is actually weirdly simple. La Llorona can haunt you in dreams and then out in the real world kind of randomly. Then, once La Llorona touches you, it leaves what looks like burn marks on your skin, which means she’s a-comin’ for you. Then she’ll grab you and drown you like she did her children 300 years ago.

4) The wood / seeds of a special tree called the Fire Tree. The Fire Tree are the “only witnesses” to La Llorona’s crime of killing her children in Mexico 300 years prior, and thus hold a special power over her. The anti-venom is a sampling of La Llorona’s tears (which appear to be caustic, and can be found at any La Llorona crime scene) mixed with holy water.

5) The priest (not the ex-priest, another one) in the film was also in Annabelle, and explains that since his encounter with the cursed doll he was believed there are things outside of the dogma of the church that must be dealt with by people like Rafael Olvera and the Warrens.

Ah right, she totes tries to drown me, but I was all like “no way La Llorona, take this crucifix knife right in your chest, hiya!” It was pretty scary.


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