Point Break (2015) Quiz

Alright, this time I’m serious guys. I did like eight different super x-treme things with by x-treme buds, and I got like eight x-treme concussions in the process. I don’t remember a thing about what just happened. Do you remember what happened in Point Break (2015)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with Johnny Utah killing his best friend in an x-treme pol-athletic venture, but let’s just skip that dumb bit. Now he’s a rad FBI agent (sweet), and there are some x-treme athletes committing some crime. What tips Johnny Utah off that the people they are dealing with are x-treme poly-athletes?

2) Johnny and his British contact jet out to the middle of the ocean to catch the gnarliest of all gnarly waves. Why does Johnny know that this is where he can find his x-treme poly-criminal?

3) How are these extreme poly-athletes / criminals funding their venture?

4) How do the criminals / x-treme poly-athletes / Johnny Utah’s new best friends know Ozaki, the inventor of the challenges they are all pursuing?

5) Name the eight Ozaki challenges (generally, I don’t need the actual names).


1) Well, first, they pulling off some for real x-treme action adventures. But then he notices that the sky-diving crime, and two other high profile crimes, are part of the Ozaki Eight, a series of eight poly-athletic x-treme challenges proposed by the environmentalist / x-treme poly-athlete Ozaki.

2) Because the most difficult of all of the Ozaki challenges to predict is surfing a 100 foot wave. These only come around when a storm half-way across the world kicks up a gnarly wave that travels across the Atlantic. And that’s where he find and befriends his x-treme criminal buddies.

3) They just have a backer. Just some dude who is really into Ozaki and wants to see these guys complete the eight. Literally that is it, the crimes aren’t actually earning them any money.

4) The love interest, Samsara, was Ozaki’s adopted daughter. And Bohdi was his environmentalist buddy who was on the boat with Ozaki when a Japanese (? … or Norwegian, I can’t remember) whaling ship struck and killed Ozaki during a demonstration.

5) WARNING: Super x-treme list incoming: (1) Emerging Force (super hard white water rafting); (2) Birth of Sky (base jump from Mt. Everest); (3) Life of Water (ride a massive 60+ foot wave); (4) Life of Wind (wingsuit flying); (5) Life of Ice (ride an unridden slope); (6) Master of Six Lives (free climbing something like Angel Falls); (7) Awakening Earth (base jumping into the Caves of Shadows in Mexico); (8) Act of Ultimate Trust (jumping off of Master of Six Lives, in this case Angel Falls)

Ah right. I completed the Ozaki 8, but in the process smashed up m’head a whole bunch. At least I caught those x-treme poly-athlete-criminals though! Really proved I’m a real FBI Agent to my friends.



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