Kiss the Girls Quiz

So last thing I remember I was bopping around N.C. as a doctor, but now I appear to be drugged in a dungeon. I don’t remember anything … because of the drugs that my kidnapper gave me. Anywho, do you remember what happened in Kiss the Girls?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Morgan Freeman’s Alex Cross comes home to find his partner Sampson waiting with some dire news. Naomi has been kidnapped! How is he related to Naomi?

2) So Alex Cross is off to N.C. to see what he can see. Once there he learns there have been a lot of kidnappings by a man named Casanova. He also meets Naomi’s boyfriend. What secretly useful interest does this boyfriend have?

3) And then we meet Ashley Judd, the most recent kidnapping victim. She’s a doctor, but she’s also an athlete. What sport do we see her participating in during her introduction?

4) After Judd escapes Casanova, they learn that the drug used against her was purchased by a doctor in California. He goes by a different nickname. What is it?

5) In the end Alex Cross figures out one of the detectives in N.C. is in fact Casanova (Carey Elwes). How does he figure it out?


1) Naomi is Alex Cross’s Niece. And a beloved niece it seems, Alex is featured in a whole lotta pictures in North Carolina.

2) Toughy. We first see him playing basketball … but that isn’t a very useful skill. Nay, we later learn that he’s a master of Civil War history of the region. How useful that Casanova is keeping his victims in a former slave plantation …

3) She’s a kickboxer. I’ll accept boxing, but that is what we see Alex Cross teaching in the beginning of the film. But no, there is definitely some kicking, and she kicks ass in that class, and then later uses her kickass moves against Casanova.

4) He goes by The Gentleman Caller. And he is a real insane person. He kills woman and steals their feet. No joke. C’mon Casanova, these are the insane people you hang around with?

5) He is looking through all of the evidence about the case because he believes that The Gentleman Caller and Casanova are two different people. While looking through the case notes he realizes that one of the detectives writes a letter the same way as is seen in a note from Casanova. Voila!

Ah right, Casanova. If not for the drugging and kidnapping he’d be a catch. Surely. But … he drugs and kidnaps people, so that isn’t great.


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