The Odd Couple II Quiz

So I was supposed to meet up with my old frenemy Felix (we’re such an odd couple!), but when we saw each other he tripped over a bag and smashed into me. Now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in The Odd Couple II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What were the three things Felix lost in his suitcase?

2) What happens to the map at the beginning of the ill-fated road trip?

3) Our heroes are arrested three times during the course of the film. Why?

4) When Felix and Oscar finally arrive at the wedding the groom is missing! Where did he end up, and why did he run away?

5) What does Felix give his son as a wedding gift? Bonus points if you can get the specifics of the gifts. 


1) His suit, a $6000 silver tray, and $10000 in cash. That is some insane shit to put into a suitcase you aren’t really paying a whole load of attention to …

2) Oscar decided to light up a cigar, and while trying to read the map on his lap lit it on right with some cigar ash. He had to dump it out the window to save his bits.

3) The first arrest is for allegedly transporting illegal immigrants from Mexico (luckily they found the original driver who confessed, phew). The second arrest is because when they hitched a ride with an old man he died along the way (but the autopsy revealed he died of natural causes, phew). Finally, they are kidnapped by a few ladies’ husbands who … seem to want to kill them? Hilarious? It turns out those guys do that all the time, phew.

4) He was on the roof the whole time! He seems to have been located by a police helicopter. He’s nervous because his parents had an abundance of bad marriages and that is making him think that he needs to avoid marriage at all costs … but then he realizes he loves her (awwwwwwwwwwwwww).

5) He gives him baseball cards. But not just any baseball cards. First edition Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth cards. Worth tens of thousands of dollars, and seemingly the last things Oscar owns that are of any real value.

Ah right, I just forgot all that because I’m old and the movie was boring. Welp … see you later!


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