Perfect Stranger Quiz

Oh boy. Last thing I remember I was hanging out with my super suave boss, the next we’re recreationally taking some drugs straight to the eyeball and I don’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Perfect Stranger?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film Halle Berry is working on a kick ass new story. What is the story about?

2) Berry’s friend approaches her that night about a bit of light blackmail. Unfortunately, she dies that very night. By what method is she killed?

3) Berry, to crack the case, decides to infiltrate the company of ad exec Bruce Willis. What two products do we see them advertising for during the worse of the film?

4) In the end it turns out that Berry killed her friend and began framing Willis for it. Why?

5) Meanwhile, ultra-creepster Giovanni Ribisi, has unraveled the thread. What does he want in return for his silence?


1) The story is about a US Senator who is getting a bit too close and comfortable with his male aides. So close that it might scandalize his family matters constituents. Oooooooo la la.

2) She has the poison Belladonna put into her eyeball. It was apparently used in early eye surgery to dilate pupils. But at a high enough dose it results in an excruciating death.

3) She goes to a giant party for Victoria’s Secret mid-way through the film. And then another ad exec “friend” becomes quite concerned that Willis is going to steal his Reebok contract … spoiler alert he totally does steal Reebok from his friend.

4) Long ago, when Berry was a child her father either was molesting her or tried to molester. Her mother kills him. Berry and her then drag his corpse into the backyard and bury him. But uh oh, her friend was watching the whole time! She’s been blackmailing her ever since.

5) He is an ultra-creepster incel who is hopelessly in love with Halle Berry … so maybe they can be in a relationship? Whoops, nope nevermind, instead of getting that he instead gets dead instead. Too bad ultra-creepster Ribisi.

Ah right, I murdered a few people (who doesn’t?), but just because they were doing bad stuff to me! That seems chill right? … Right?!


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