The Glimmer Man Quiz

Oooof. I was minding my own business you see, and they I saw the faintest of glimmers and BAM! Someone knocked me unconscious and I don’t remember anything else after that. Do you remember what happened in The Glimmer Man?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Jack Cole claim he has come to Los Angeles?

2) How does Jack Cole know the first victim he sees in LA is from Russia, and how do they ultimately trace her identity?

3) What makes Wayans and the LAPD suspicious of Cole’s identity and background?

4) Why is Jack Cole called The Glimmer Man? And why was he booted out of Mr. Smith’s Program?

5) What is Dunlevey smuggling, from where, and to whom is he selling it?


1) He claims he’s come to Los Angeles because he ex-wife moved there with his kids … considering the absolutely wild coincidences that follow I think there is a decent argument that he came to Los Angeles specifically because of the murders or possibly because of Mr. Smith. The movie doesn’t seem to care to go into that though.

2) He can just tell because of the cheekbones and the way she looks. As a matter of fact he’s even more specific, he thinks she’s from Georgia. And ultimately they trace her identity using her breast implants which have a serial number on them.

3) Cole is hiding some shit. Specifically that his ex-wife and her new husband are victims of the serial killer (or so they suppose …). This is indeed insane and would immediately case suspicion on Cole, the random cop who showed up in LA just as all of the killings were happening … so yeah, hiding that seems like a huge issue.

4) He’s called the Glimmer Man because when he was in Mr. Smith’s Program he was their greatest assassin. His targets would just see a glimmer of him before they would die. He was kicked out because he lost his edge, went AWOL, and became a Buddhist.

5) He’s smuggling chemical weapons from Russia, and now that they are in the US he plans on selling them to the Serbian mafia. What kind of mob wants chemical weapons?! What could they possibly use that for? I guess maybe they’d ship them back to the Balkans, but then why bring them to the US in the first place?

Ah right, that was The Glimmer Man! That’s a real phrase that real people use to describe someone totally badass … right?


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