Bloodshot Quiz

Hmmm the last thing I remember I was a soldier in a warzone and I feel like I probably got killed? But now I’m filled with nanobots and I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Bloodshot?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When Vin Diesel awakens he meets all of his new and improved friends. How many people have augmentations, and what are they?

2) We see Vinny D kill the man who killed his wife … or so we think? What actually is happening with Vinny D?

3) During the final attack outside of London a 1337 h4XX0r takes our boy down with an EMP. Why?

4) What actually happened with Vinny D and his “wife”?

5) In the final scene it is revealed that Vinny D survived and was further augmented by our favorite hacker. What additional augmentation did he receive?


1) There are 5 people (counting Diesel) with augmentations. There is KT who has a breathing mechanism. There are the two dudes, one of which has robot eyes, and the other robot legs. And finally there is the main man Guy Pearce who has a robot arm.

2) As a soldier he died and no one claimed his body, so he was given over for research by Guy Pearce’s eeeeeeevil corporation. They filled him with nanites who basically heal him a ton and keep him alive. They’ve been using him as an assassin by reloading his memory when they want him to do a job and making his target kill him and his wife. So everything is scripted, and Pearce is just using him to kill off his enemies.

3) The hacker is a prisoner of Pearce’s old evil buddies, kept around to try and replicate the research (presumably). He uses Vinny’s appearance as an opportunity to have everyone killed, and escape basically.

4) Vinny D and her broke up long ago over the fact that Vinny didn’t want to stop being a solider. So she left him, went to London, got married, and now has two kids. They haven’t seen each other for like five years it turns out.

5) So previously his nanites would run out of juice and he’d have to plug himself in to regenerate. After the augmentation that is no longer the case … he is basically superman now. It is kind of dumb.

Ah right. I became a nanobot superhero because of an eeeeeeeevil corporation who stole my girlfriend from me or whatever. That was roooooough.


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