Sanctum Quiz

Oh man, the last thing I remember I was cave diving with my son (natch, all that is definitely true) and I hit my noggin and now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Sanctum?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why is our billionaire funder funding this cave diving expedition? 

2) Where did the billionaire meet his adventurous girlfriend? 

3) While discovering St. Jude’s Cathedral, a large new cave system, Jude dies. Josh blames his father. Why? In turn his father suggests that Josh is also somewhat culpable. How?

4) Why couldn’t the group just wait in the Cathedral to be rescues, as is suggested by multiple people?

5) How many people die in the cave? 


1) He wants to discover the way the underground river goes to the ocean in this giant cave in Papua New Guinea … some people suggest it is just to get his name on it, but he seems to really admire the main cave diver as an amazing explorer.

2) Mt. Everest. So she knows a thing or two about adventure sporting. But she wasn’t prepared for real deal cave diving though. But who is? I would probably just curl up in a ball and die right there.

3) Josh thinks his father pushes everyone too hard, and so Jude, unready for the dive, went in unprepared on his goading. Josh’s father points out that it was Josh who forgot to bring down the back up tanks which meant the divers were all tired from their 2km trek down into the cave.

4) Josh’s father explains that they are just all presumed dead. No one knows they are where they are. The path up or down will be filling with water for too long to wait it out. So there is plausibly not even going to be a rescue mission since it would be assumed to be pointless.

5) Jude and the guide guy early. The blood fizz dude, George, hides from the group so as to not slow them down. Victoria went in the meatgrinder like a jerk, she was terrible the whole trip to be honest. Josh’s father is fatally injured by Carl the billionaire, and then Carl swims off and dies. The end, so six people die in the cave. Only one person of those trapped makes it out, Josh.

Ah right, we got trapped in the cave in a storm. I’m a badass though and got everyone out safely with my broken brain because I’m a super cave diving man. No. Big. Deal.


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