Primeval Quiz

Oh boy guys, I think when that killer croc came out of the river and attacked me I must have bopped my head on something, because I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Primeval?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Dominic Purcell get sent to Burundi to track down the killer croc Gustave?

2) And why does Gustave, the killer croc of Burundi, get the attention of the US media at this particular time, what happened?

3) What is the plan to catch Gustave, and why does it fall apart?

4) What is the big twist, who is Little Gustave really in the context of the story?

5) How many people die during the film? This counts either just general deaths we see, or specifically Gustave inflicted deaths.


1) He is sent there because he screwed up bro. He broke a big scandal about a Senator (or something) which blew up in his face. It turned out his source was bad, and now he is in hot water with his boss … so it is off to Burundi to do a big crocodile story to make amends.

2) Gustave gets on the media’s radar because a UN investigator of some kind was killed by Gustave while investigating reports of mass graves. So now people are clamoring for that sweet Gustave content.

3) Their plan is to set up a big cage with meat in it, and shoot Gustave with a tracker … that’s about it. Turns out Gustave he has a big old brain so there is no way he’s falling for that shit.

4) Little Gustave is the guide that organized the trip for them at the beginning of the film. Basically, by day he’s an official of some kind in the capital, and by night he organizes operations in Gustave’s territory. It explains a bit as to why Little Gustave was trying to slow walk them to Gustave, he was involved in criminal activity in that area.

5) This is actually tough. So there is the woman in the beginning and a child, killed by Gustave before the reporters arrive. There are both of the military personnel stationed with the reporters, one by Gustave and the other is shot. Of the crew the German guide and Orlando Jones are killed by Gustave, and the crocodile expert is shot. Four other baddies are killed, two by Gustave (including Little Gustave) and two by the reporters. And three other people are killed by Little Gustave. An astonishing 14 people it seems, only 7 of which were actually killed by a crocodile in this crocodile creature feature.

Ah right, there was a big crocodile and it was like … super big and ate people. Now I remember.


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