Return to the Blue Lagoon Quiz

Oh boy, I’ve done it again. I got shipwrecked on the same crap island as Richard and Emmeline Lestrange! And even worse, I bopped my head (on a coconut perhaps) and I can’t remember anything. Can you remember what happened in Return to the Blue Lagoon?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The film opens with the reveal that Richard and Emmeline died, but Richard Jr. survived. Luckily a friendly widow Sarah Hargrave takes in Richard Jr. and they live happily ever after, right? WRONG. The entire ship comes down with a sickness, what is that sickness?

2) Now shipwrecked, quite coincidentally on the same island as Richard Jr. grew up on, the widow Hargrave, Richard Jr. and Lilli Hargrave try to make a life for themselves. Sadly the widow Hargrave dies when they are still quite young. How did she die?

3) In the opening scene after the smash cut to adulthood, Richard and Lilli are planning an Easter contest. What is the contest, who wins, and what is the prize?

4) In this movie there is also a traumatic event that brings the two “natural” lovers closer together and eventually into matrimony (so civilized of them!). What is this event?

5) Finally, a group of sailors find the island and end up promising to take the two “natural” lovers back to civilization. What were the sailors looking for on the island, and why does the plan to take them with them fall apart?


1) Cholera. A sickness so dastardly it is better to just set the women and children adrift in the open ocean than let them die on the ship.

2) One day during a storm the roof caves in a bit letting in water. Sarah goes up to patch it with some branches, but ends up exposed enough to come down with a sickness that develops into pneumonia. Once that sets in Sarah knows it is unlikely she will recover.

3) The contest is an egg hunt. Each of the “natural” lovers leave ten eggs in a set location around the beach, and whoever finds the most eggs wins. Richard, being a gentleman, let’s Lilli win so that he can award her with the prize: a pearl he obtains from the ocean.

4) In this case Richard in a fit of pique goes into the forest and espies the native islanders committing ritual human sacrifice. He covers himself in mud and hides out observing the ceremony, knowing that attempting to leave would result in him getting caught and killed. He returns in the morning to a distraught Lilli and both admit their love and desire to be married.

5) The sailors were looking for water. The water barrels on their boat were fouled and they hoped the island would provide fresh water. It does, and they plan on taking Richard and Lilli with them as thanks. Unfortunately, a sailor has his eye on Lilli’s valuable pearl (and possibly other things … let’s not worry too much about that). Richard comes to Lilli’s defense, and in the ensuing fight leads the sailor to his demise in the lagoon where a shark lays in wait. Presumably Richard and Lilli decide they are better off without civilization after that.

Ah right … they just remade the same movie again with two different people. Like, literally it is the same story for about an hour of the film. It is crazy.


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