The Blue Lagoon Quiz

Oh boy, you see, what happened was I was making fun of my best shipwreck friend Brooke Shields and she threw a coconut at me and bopped me on the head with it! I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in The Blue Lagoon?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Richard and Emmeline Lestrange are travelling with Richard’s father Arthur through the South Pacific, but boy howdy does their boat get in trouble and they have to abandon ship. How are Richard and Emmeline related and where were they headed?

2) Richard and Emmeline are shipwrecked with the ship’s cook Paddy, who gives them two “laws” to live by. What are these two laws?

3) How does Paddy die?

4) What traumatic event brings the, now grown up, Lestranges closer together to begin their “natural love” romantic relationship?

5) How do they end up drifting out to sea, possibly dying in the process (it is unclear whether they are dead at the end of this film, although it is clarified in the sequel)


1) They are cousins, Arthur is Richard’s father and Emmeline’s uncle. And they are headed to San Francisco. If you read between a few pieces of dialogue it is clear they were coming around Cape Horn and got blow out towards Easter Island before disaster struck.

2) First, he instructs them to never eat the red berries on the island as they are poisonous. Second, he forbids them from going to the other side of the island because he sees the remains of human sacrifice there and suspects a nearby native tribe come to the island every so often for ritual sacrifice. Scary!

3) He drinks himself to death. He stumbles and bumbles his way to a small nearby island with a cask of liquor they found and drinks until he dies. The children find him the next day.

4) Emmeline steps on a sea urchin and becomes poisoned. Richard, who has been harboring feelings for Emmeline for a while at this point, takes care of her and they realize nothing can stop their … natural love.

5) While fishing with their son, Emmeline doesn’t notice that one of the oars is set adrift. No problemo, they have another oar! But uh oh, when Richard tries to come and help them out a shark attacks, and the only way to save Richard is to throw the second oar at the creature. But alas, now, with the shark circling, there is no way to get the small boat back to shore, and they drift off to sea and fates unknown.

Right … yeah, some real “natural” stuff happens, and like … it isn’t boring at all. Now I remember.


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