Urban Legends: Final Cut Quiz

Oh boy. This is embarrassing. Because I’m again involved in some urban legend murders, and for the life of me I can’t (again) remember who the murderer was! Do you remember what happened in Urban Legends: Final Cut?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Again, just sock it to me, what urban legends do we see in the film?

2) Where does our main character get the idea for an urban legend film?

3) After Travis Stark supposedly kills himself his twin brother Trevor shows up to try and solve what he thinks must be a murder. Why didn’t anyone seemingly know about Trevor?

4) In the end what is the connection between all of the murder victims, and how do they figure it out?

5) So who was the murderer and why did he kill all of these people?


1) Alright, so we open with the classic kidney heist (which they do in the first one as well). Then it is a bunch of weak ones. There is definitely the “screaming at midnight” urban legend whereby a murder happens while everyone is screaming so they don’t realize it. There is also definitely the Tunnel of Terror where bodies in a carnival ride turn out to be real. Otherwise at least two of the murders don’t directly have an urban legend involved (there is the dog one they are filming … but the murder doesn’t have anything to do with it) … which is just insane for an Urban Legend film!

2) She meets the Pam Grier obsessed security guard from the first film, who tells her all about how she was fired from Pendleton University in order to, once again, cover up murders on campus. Oddly … this conversation occurs after someone has already been killed by way of an urban legend …

3) Because Trevor was a screw up man. He dropped out of school, and was bumming around. But Travis was helping him get back on his feet. And considering Trevor was acting in the film within a film at the end, maybe Travis and Trevor could have been an unstoppable twin duo! So sad to see such twin potential wasted.

4) They go and watch Travis’ final film project and discover that it is awful! But wait, Trevor notices that actually the credits at the end aren’t really attached to the film. Someone made a little switcheroo. Further digging reveals all of the victims worked on Travis’ film. Could it be someone looking to steal the Hitchcock Award from Travis?!

5) Nope, it was the head of the film school! Long ago he tied with another student for the Hitchcock Award, and the main character’s father cast the deciding vote against him. Despite being the head of the most prestigious film school in the world, he considers that event to be the point in which his career was ruined. Seeing Travis’ brilliant film, he decides that he will swap it out, kill everyone involved in it, and then go to Hollywood, using the film as a ticket to the fame and fortune he was cheated out of. Bonus, he gets to frame the daughter of the man he thinks ruined his life. Truly the perfect crime.

Ah right. You see I guessed it was the other professor because he was talking about Cinema Verite, and I thought it was going to be some demented thing about using death as a true form of art or something weird. Got the wrong professor though, c’est la vie.


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