Urban Legend Quiz

Whoa! Last thing I remember I was chilling on campus while a bunch of gnarly urban legend murders were happening. Scary! But I don’t remember if they caught the guy or anything … do you remember what happened in Urban Legend?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Right up top, can you name the urban legends featured in the film?

2) Our second victim (Joshua Jackson aka Pacey from Dawson’s Creek) isn’t recognized as a victim initially because he is thought to be on a trip. Where was he supposed to be going?

3) On campus there is a closed down dorm due to a spooky event that happened there that was covered up. What was the event?

4) It is revealed that Robert Englund got his professorship through not-so-academic means. How?

5) In the end, why did the killer do what the killer did?


1) The first one is the classic “woman goes to a gas station where the attendant with a stutter tries to warn her a killer is in her back seat.” We have Pacey hanging from the tree. The strangled roommate. The dean gets his ankle slashed by someone under the car. The real radio scream for Tara Reid’s murder. The dog in the microwave. And finally the kidney heist is suggested at the end. Bonus points for mentioning the headlight gang ruse which happened prior to the film. Dats alotta urban legends!

2) He was going on a ski trip to Vermont. The timeline is amazingly muddled because elsewhere it is suggested it is late April, so he’d surely be skiing on rocks by that point.

3) Long ago a professor at the school walked door to door in that dorm and whenever someone answered the door he would kill them. Afterwards the professor then killed himself. In order to not give the school a bad name the police and administration covered up the event, never to speak of it again.

4) Englund, it turns out, is the only survivor of the massacre that occurred on campus, and thus, to buy his silence, he was given a professorship in what appears to be Urban Legends Studies. Indeed, it is theorized that he is, in fact, the killer, and that he kills people every few years, but the administration continues to cover it up.

5) The killer, it turns out, is Branda Bates. She was the girlfriend of the boy killed when Michelle and Natalie decided to play the gang induction urban legend prank in high school. She is full on insane and out for revenge in the most a propos way possible, killing everyone via urban legends! Actually a decent, if predictable, plot.

Ah right. Much like with all horror films there is a moral to be learned: don’t accidentally kill people in urban legend pranks gone wrong, because sometimes the survivors of said pranks will come and pull their own deadly urban legend pranks on you!


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