House of Wax Quiz

Oh boy, so me and my bros were inexplicably camping out in the middle of nowhere. New thing I know I was bopped on the head and made into a wax statue, and I don’t remember how! Do you remember what happened in House of Wax?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Prior to the gang deciding to camp out, where were they going? Spoilers, they aren’t going to make it.

2) How does Cuthbert meet the weirdo in the woods, and why do they go along with him to the nearby town?

3) How many people do we see killed in the film in total?

4) What causes the House of Wax to go up in flames?

5) There’s a big twist at the end of the film! What is it?


1) They were going to a college football game between (I think) Florida and LSU. The important bit is that it is a college football game in Louisiana.

2) Well, the gang had been occasionally smelling an overwhelming stench of death while camping. Like a normal person Cuthbert just needs to know where that overwhelming stench of death is coming from! Turns out it is a giant pit of deer carcasses that she falls into like a goober. Cuthbert and her beau then hitch a ride with Lester to the nearby town of Ambrose to get a new fan belt for one of the cars.

3) Only six surprisingly. Out of the gang of six that originally arrive Cuthbert’s boyfriend is captured and killed within the town. Dopey friend of Chad Michael Murray gets his head chopped off by Vincent. Ri’chard is stabbed off screen (lame). And Paris Hilton gets a pipe to the head. Then, of course, Vincent and Bo die in the final twin fight in the wax museum.

4) Cuthbert and Murray, running away from Vincent, pour a giant pot of boiling hot wax onto the floor of Vincent’s psycho workshop which immediately causes a raging inferno to erupt.

5) Lester, the weirdo that originally brought them to Ambrose, is in fact Lester Sinclair, the third brother of Bo and Vincent Sinclair! So one brother lives to star in House of Wax 2: Tourist Trap in which Lester opens his own house of wax in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during Spring Break!! I’d watch that.

Ah right, I was straight murdered by some psycho twins who own a house of wax. Just like that old crone foretold all those years ago!


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